season 5 ep 3 glee

Season 5 ep 3 glee

Glee's musical numbers, underdog characters, and rousing soundtracks have all helped make Glee a runaway pop-cul

The New Directions remember Finn. Sue Sylvester : If students wish to mourn Finn's passing, they're free to visit the memorial that I erected. I planted a tree in the exact location where I caught Finn and Quinn Fabray fondling each other's breasts. Will Schuester : Come on, Sue. Shannon Beiste : How can you even joke at a time like this?

Season 5 ep 3 glee

I had it all planned out. I was gonna make it big on Broadway and maybe make a Woody Allen movie. And then when we were ready, I would just, come back and he'd be teaching here and I'd walk through those doors and I would just say 'I'm home' and then we would live happily ever after. I talk to him a lot. I can still see his face and I can hear his voice so clearly. Do you think that I'll ever forget? Because I'm afraid that one day I will. He was such a good guy. I'll never get to tell him. There's no less here.

The episode has been received positively by critics, though some criticized the show for not revealing a cause of death for Hudson. And I grieve by insulting those who mean the most to me.

The episode sees the death of character Finn Hudson , and acts as a tribute to Hudson and to actor Cory Monteith , who had played the character since the start of the series, and who died on July 13, The episode has been received positively by critics, though some criticized the show for not revealing a cause of death for Hudson. Upon its initial airing, this episode was viewed by 7. The total viewership and ratings for this episode were up significantly from the previous episode. It was the show's highest rating since the fourth season episode " Britney 2. Three weeks later, they reunite at McKinley High, where glee club director Will Schuester invites them to honor Finn through song, as their personal memorials for him. Mercedes Jones performs " I'll Stand by You ", a song Finn previously sang when he believed he was going to become a father.

Season Three of Glee aired between September 20, and May 22, Season Three follows the Club through the sectional, regional and national show choir competitions, and during nationals they finally take home the winning prize. Harry Shum Jr. Mike Chang and Darren Criss Blaine Anderson were also promoted to the main cast, as their characters were only recurring in Season Two. Jessalyn Gilsig Terri Del Monico and Mike O'Malley Burt Hummel both reduced their roles to recurring after being main cast on the previous season, with Gilsig's character being written out of the show. Plot: The season premiere opens, revealing that for some members of New Directions , it's their senior year. With the purple pianos scattered around the school, the New Directions have to sing a song if they spot one. With the seniors questioning their futures beyond high school, Rachel and Kurt attempt to find a college in New York after learning that Juilliard does not offer a musical theater program while Finn is lost and confused about his future plans. Some New Directions members prep up for their auditions for specific parts of the music, Rachel wanting the role of Maria and Kurt and Blaine wanting Tony. Kurt knows that the directors of the musical will choose Blaine since he is more masculine and Kurt is rather feminine, making Kurt re-think his audition plans.

Season 5 ep 3 glee

The episode features the preparations for performing West Side Story and the show's opening night, and the various events leading to the decisions by two of the show's student couples— Rachel Lea Michele and Finn Cory Monteith , and Kurt Chris Colfer and Blaine Darren Criss —to begin having sex. While an advanced copy of the episode was released to several reviewers and was highly praised by them, the reviewers of the broadcast were not as generally enthusiastic. In particular, some of the plotting and resulting characterization came in for criticism. The performance of " America ", however, was widely acclaimed, especially that of Santana Naya Rivera in the role of Anita.

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Years from now. Sign In Register. There was always Sue Sylvester : If students wish to mourn Finn's passing, they're free to visit the memorial that I erected. See production info at IMDbPro. He was the first cool kid to be nice to any of us, and he was our leader in here. As graduation looms closer, the seniors make plans for their futures beyond the halls of McKinley. I'll never get to tell him. She says that she was going to do some big Broadway work, he was going to be a teacher at McKinley and when they were ready she was just going to walk through the door of the Choir Room and say "I'm home. Emma : Okay, yeah, I'll see what I have in my drawer here. Retrieved October 3, Rachel's "mid-winter critique" performance leads her to a crossroads where she has to choose between NYADA and her role as Fanny.

Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on Fox. The pilot episode of the series was broadcast on May 19, , [1] and the rest of the first season began on September 9,

Retrieved September 4, The Quarterback is the third episode of Glee 's fifth season and the ninety-first episode overall. Retrieved November 6, I had it all planned out. You can't have it. Runtime 45 minutes. Will Schuester : Come on, Sue. He's just gone. Allison Keene of The Hollywood Reporter gave a positive review to the episode saying "Ultimately, "The Quarterback" was respectful, and was successful as the cathartic memorial—for both the cast and viewers—that it was intended to be. I'm sure Finn had secrets, too, but who cares now? Kurt then tells Puck to give the jacket back as it is now Santana's. Or maybe disconnection was exactly the emotional point: The irony of Will was that he had been denying his agony even as he was trying to create room for everyone else to enter into theirs. Nervous for opening night, Rachel is willing to do anything to succeed.

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