Funny moments wrestling

I say that not because some of the talent lacks in ability, funny moments wrestling. Quite the contrary, I think many wrestlers would shine if things were as free-flowing as they used to be. But the reason for my funny moments wrestling is that you are never going to see the stuff I saw growing up quite the same any more.

Some wrestlers made their careers competing in the show, and it is running successfully after crossing over episodes as of this date. Apart from the high-octane wrestling action, Monday Night Raw has also shown some of the best segments. Some of these are comedic gold and would give the fans a good laugh even today. With that said, let's take a trip down memory lane and look at ten of the funniest moments in Monday Night Raw history. They traded the title with each other on many occasions and put on some of the funniest segments in the history of WWE. Segments like R-Truth crashing Maverick's wedding and interrupting Maverick and his wife, Rene Michelle, consummating their wedding at their hotel room are some of the best comedic angles WWE produced in many years. Santino Marella is one of the best WWE superstars who have the natural ability to give the fans a peal of good laughter.

Funny moments wrestling


But not before The Rock put on a concert for the great people of Sacramento.


Even if the list were limited to events that occurred outside of the ring which it is , it would still be too long. There are simply too many shenanigans constantly occurring in wrestling - especially back in the classic days - to summarize them in one place. As many fans are aware, a lot of nutty things can happen when you take deranged individuals who are playing even more twisted characters and force them to hang out together for extended periods of time. Pranks a-plenty were pulled, friendships were formed, alliances were drawn, and rivalries often developed - usually in the name of good fun, but things could occasionally get carried away. Adding to the humor, fellow babyfaces were sometimes at odds offscreen and offstage, and arch-enemies were often actually close friends in real life - which could confuse and possibly anger fans who might find out.

Funny moments wrestling

While many believe professional wrestling is just a testosterone-filled show filled with bravado, sweat, and brute force, it's actually much more. It's an integrally-woven story line, which employs a multitude of different emotions to engage viewers. One emotion is humor, and the wrestling business has used it masterfully to both make careers and set up feuds between its characters. They've also employed it as a comic-relief tool during, and after, dramatic moments on and off screen. Their quick wit became both refreshing and funny, and people related. Their comical personalities made them stars and their matches all the more interesting to watch. The WWE also schedules more comical matches after dramatic, intense bouts. Often, you'll see a championship match followed by a match between two mid-card players or comic-relief wrestlers. A wrestler like Santino or Damien Sandow fits the latter bill.

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Yes, Ken Patera did murder this promo and yes, on its face that makes it a funny video. Could it be Sting again? The match devolves into a mismatch of heel turns and run-ins as Jimmy Hart turns on Hogan, only for Randy Savage and Lex Luger to run in, apparently to save the Hulkster. So thank you, Dusty. Then Sting told them they were in for a shock and he yells out his name. The greatest stable in the history of pro wrestling was being reformed in He dry humped Hogan. It was billed as a combination monster truck huh? But better than the obvious misquote, the look on the late Owen Hart's face No, not Jim Powers. In essence, the thing that drew me into pro wrestling as a kid, unpredictability, is all but gone. Live television is awesome. I do not condone the use of the N-word, but I do not have a stick up my rear in terms of finding humor in something.

Comedy in wrestling can be very hit and miss. Sometimes it can create some amazing moments that are very funny, and other times it can easily fall flat and leave people questioning why they're watching the product. Vince McMahon loves to have comedy within his product, and even hires talent with that specifically in mind.

He begins walking around like a normal guy then the light comes after about 10 seconds, "Oh yeah, I'm a mummy! In essence, the thing that drew me into pro wrestling as a kid, unpredictability, is all but gone. So sit back, enjoy, and of course, let me know what you think. And a spawn, sadly, of dozens of inferior repeats. Austin jumped on any opportunity to get one over on McMahon during the feud, and a segment on the October 5, , episode of Raw, saw Austin go to great measures to disguise himself as a doctor and attacked Vince McMahon who was in a hospital bed. Shelby were some of the best comedic skits WWE produced. Mankind brought in characters from The Rock's past to the ring, only for the latter to berate them. His one word essentially symbolized what many like-minded people were thinking. One such segment took place on the June 26, , episode of Raw, where Triple H and Shawn Michaels impersonated Vince and Shane McMahon respectively, and hilariously took shots at their rivals. Triple H was decent as "The Crock".

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