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If you can help us with this wiki please sign up and help us! Having scored exactly out of 50 at a on every subject of the entrance exam. Although he either lies about his childhood or prefer not to reveal his background to his classmates, he is actually the sole survivor of a secret company known as the White Room , an organization founded by his father Atsuomi Ayanokoji in order to create a more advanced generation of children to lead Japan in the future. As the most successful student to ever live through the impossibly harsh process of education, Kiyotaka's physical and mental capabilities came out unmatched against anyone in the entire organization. After having spent his entire childhood in his father's organization, he manage to take flee from his father's facility with the assistance of his butler, Matsuo, and eventually arrive to the Advanced Nurturing High School, following Matsuo's advice. Ayanokoji is currently a year-old teenager with a height of cm in the light novel series. He has brown hair that arrives at his ears and brown yellow pupils.


Stay tuned for updates! Kiyotaka is a tall and lean young man with brown hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion. He is usually seen wearing a standard school uniform. Outside of school, he wears a white hoodie covering a green shirt with an orange stripe along with brown pants. He is also seen wearing a blue vest over a white shirt and brown pants. He has grown taller since his first arrival at the school. This is somewhat confirmed as he has attracted the attention of many girls in his class, some of whom are even very popular. He also has an incredibly well-built body, which was pointed out by Suzune Horikita at the swimming pool. She noticed the immense muscular structure of his body and his arms, particularly his lower arms, and questioned if he did sports, to which he adamantly denied. The reason for this is most likely due to the extensive training he went through as a child in the White Room. This can be interpreted as indifference or a relatively passive demeanor to his peers. It is shown in a flashback, that even as a child he possessed a similar unmoving expression that he would keep until adolescence. In contrast to the anime, the light novel depicts to an extent Kiyotaka with more dynamic facial expressions. Kiyotaka is an inconspicuous and unobtrusive student, and while his grades are average on purpose , he possesses a sagacious ability to read the emotions of people around him with pinpoint accuracy and either helps or destroys them.

Epilogue: "Farewell to the Past", ayanokouji. During this moment, he said his dislike of being manipulated as he even resorted ayanokouji threatening her and grabbing her by the collar, ayanokouji that she was a teacher who could have expelled him for assault.


Stay tuned for updates! He is a middle aged man who looks to be in his 40s. Like his son, he has brown hair and has a more sterner look. According to Chairman Sakayanagi , he has stronger ambitions than anyone and an unyielding and indomitable fighting spirit, despite having never possessed any special talent. That is the reason for his rise, to the extent that, at one point in time, he could move the country. He openly stated that he knew his son would not be fooled by a tactic showing signs of any fatherly affection. He also tried to command Kiyotaka to sign the withdrawal form. His former lover is also the same, and none of their relatives show any signs of remarkable abilities and talents. Around 20 years ago, he established the White Room, an educational institution to raise a human and removing unnecessary things from their education, with the ultimate goal of creating generations of perfect individuals to lead Japan in the future. As told in Volume 7 , there seems to be very minimal to no interaction between him and his son, Kiyotaka.


Stay tuned for updates! According to Kiyotaka, he usually has trouble making friends, but he has managed to gain some close associations and connections with some of his classmates which also extend to those of other classes and even the Student Council. These are the known relationships of Kiyotaka with those who have interacted with him thus far. A great deal remains unknown about Kiyotaka's family, but according to himself, he was barely allowed to meet any of his relatives while in middle school. His father was said to be in charge of the White Room where Kiyotaka was training as a child. Kiyotaka's father is also the only specific member of his family to be directly mentioned in the series so far. Only a few contextual interactions have been seen between the two.

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Chapter 5: "Truth and Lies". At the age of 6, he was introduced to Virtual Reality, which is the first thing in the White Room that Kiyotaka doesn't care for due to motion sickness. Later, in a conversation with Kei Karuizawa , Kiyotaka states there isn't a single question he can't solve ever since he arrived in the school. But Atsuomi didn't know that Kiyotaka had secretly planned to escape the White Room. Chapter 2: "An Infinite Variety of Wishes". Kiyotaka couldn't do anything to help save her as the instructors decided if she was saved or not. The Class E Demons. Chapter 2: "A Little Premonition". Class D". Chapter 6: "What Airi Left Behind".

To anyone who follows the story, it is no surprise that many anime fans mention Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, the main character of Classroom of the Elite , as their favorite anime character ever. Ayanokoji is very reserved, offering little to no access to his inner thoughts, and this creates an air of mystery about him, piquing the interest of viewers.

Kiyotaka's full appearance in the light novel. Chapter 4: "School Trip Day 3". At the age of 9, he had surpassed the instructions causing them to bring a group of outsiders for him to fight against. Season 2 Episode 9. This appeared to be confirmed as Sae ordered Kiyotaka to start aiming to reach class 1-A immediately or be expelled for not applying himself, indicating he could easily accomplish it. Motivated to be lazy by Ya hallo K At the age of 2, he already had displayed the ability to critically think and retain memories. His training led him to believe that all humans are nothing, but tools and that victory is all that matters in the world. Chapter 3: "Launch". The greatest display of his intellect was when he figured out the plan of class 1-A and class 1-C during the same test. Epilogue: "The Arrival of Autumn".

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