nasty gal sizing reviews

Nasty gal sizing reviews

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So I tried a lot of their clothes for you! The Nasty Gal sizing was a bit hit and miss for me. I used the sizing guide on the Nasty Gal website to select my sizes. However, I found that everything offered in a UK Size 10 came up too small and for other items I should have got a small instead of a medium. At least now I know what to order in the future and hopefully this will prove useful for you too! Up first are these thigh-high boots.

Nasty gal sizing reviews

I'm sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly from my most recently Nasty Gal order. Okay, there wasn't anything ugly, that's just how the saying goes. If you have any further questions about sizing, comment below! Now, let's chat about what's working and what's going back to the store. Having to return this made me so sad. It's such a pretty color, and I wanted to love it. But it did not love me. This bodysuit is definitely made for shorter people with longer torsos. For reference, I am 5' 6 My issue with this piece was that it wasn't long enough for my body. The torso kept going past where my hips had started. Overall, the bodysuit wasn't long enough, but the torso was too long. It was pretty affordable, which was a plus, and returns were easy. Although, I did have to pay for the return shipping. I will make this into one section even though these are two separate pieces sold separately. Surprisingly, this two-piece set was the only thing I kept from my Nasty Gal Haul.

Janay R, nasty gal sizing reviews. Overall, the bodysuit wasn't long enough, but the torso was too long. The chaos of talking with their customer service mixed with the complete lack of integrity or quality of product all leads to me spending too much money and time on this crappy company.

I went straight to the Nasty Gal plus size clothing section hoping that I would stumble upon a gold mine of cute plus size clothing. Upon my first couple of scrolls, I was intrigued. I instantly saw pieces that I loved including this From New Button plus size skirt and this Never Stop Wandering plus size graphic tee , which is sadly out of stock! At first glance, I really loved the laid-back, but the chic vibe of the collection. The plus size section only had pieces, whereas the straight-size section had more than garments.

With its cult following of 4. This Nasty Gal clothing review will take a look at the company overall, breaking down some of their best sellers, shipping and return policies, and customer reviews to see whether or not the brand is worth your investment. As mentioned earlier in this Nasty Gal clothing review, the company was founded by Sophia Amoruso in as a small eBay shop and grew exponentially. The former eBay store called Nasty Gal Vintage was so popular that Sophia had to close her eBay store and open up her own website. What started out as an exciting venture in entrepreneurship turned sour when Sophia stepped down as CEO, then the company filed for bankruptcy, closing its two stores. But Nasty Gals around the world could still get their fill of the brand because the UK-based online retailer Boohoo Group swooped in to purchase the brand in Undeterred, Nasty Gal continues to sell clothes through its website, providing girls everywhere with chic, bossy looks that they crave. Everything we mention is a best seller on their site. Since Nasty Gal has such a large inventory of clothing, it would be impossible to review every single item on the site. This review will not feature the Nasty Gal lingerie, any of the Nasty Gal swim, or the Nasty Gal lounge sets, but we do encourage you to look them up on their website.

Nasty gal sizing reviews

We may earn a commission from links on our website, but this doesn't influence the opinions of our editors. After reading thousands of positive Nasty Gal reviews and trying their sister brands, I finally decided to check them out and place a few orders okay, maybe I got carried away. A weird combo that has accrued a cult-like following over the last few years. Accessories : Love love love! Cheap layered jewelry. All in all, Nasty Gal is a great place to shop for affordable, trendy clothes! Some customers say they are a little pricey, but their quality is better than other fast-fashion retailers out there. For the price point, Nasty Gal has some surprisingly good quality!

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Possibly size up 1 in certain styles Products used: Boots and a dress. I never received my items and they claim they were delivered. What is the return policy? You could style for sexy for a night out, or you could make it more conservative, button it up higher and wear it as a wedding or to a work event. A lot of people who are mad are from the USA where customs is knows to intercept many packages. They send delivery confirmations for future dates and call it "jet lag" They don't even care at this point - it's sloppy and despicable. Items not sealed, looked used Customer service useless, so much back and forth when you actually get any help inbox full obviously - lots of complaints , took pictures and still they expect you to pay return postage. They replied this every 48 hours i asked. By Stephanie B. I sent an email to the vendor to confirm validity of the site after reading reviews. I have contacted them through virtual assistant, Facebook Messenger and email. I waited over a week before reaching out again because I never received it. Next Article 48hrs in Stockholm. Dispute has been open, but what to do with these "clothes"? Sign me up.

Nasty Gal runs true to size for most of their clothing. Therefore, there is no need to size up or size down for a better fit.

I really wish they would accept accountability for sending incorrect items and then not assisting customers in canceling or modifying those incorrect orders. Not suitable for those with a wide fit but perfect for those with long legs! Comment Thank you Respond as company Helpful 1. Bank didn't block my cards. What reviewers want you to know Positive highlights I will leave an update on product review, but so far customer service has been great. I have not received any replies since the first week within the product order. The top is a tie top, which I love for many reasons. I'll be shopping elsewhere from now on. Dispute has been open, but what to do with these "clothes"? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing.

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