modern shaggy hairstyles

Modern shaggy hairstyles

There's a new haircut on the block—and it turns out it's not new at all. While the classic bob and blunt lob have seen their fair share of attention recently, it's the modern shaggy hairstyles shag that's taking over salons everywhere.

Platinum Blonde Wavy Shag. Say hello to your Marilyn Monroe side with a platinum blonde wavy shag haircut. Long Center-Parted Shag Haircut. Look effortless and sexy with a centre-parted long layered shag haircut. Cute Mid-Length Shag.

Modern shaggy hairstyles

In the age of micro-bangs and unicorn hair, we're ready to go back—way back—to a classic cut: the shag. Shaggy styles have been back in the limelight for a good reason, and the modern shag haircut is still going strong. We're not talking Mick Jagger, circa , but rather a nostalgic nod that's approachable, softer, and absolutely not one-size-fits-all. We rounded up the most fabulous short shag haircuts to try out this year, and these looks are packed with layers, texture, and bangs of all types but kept at the lowest maintenance of lengths. This bob has got some personality. Cut those curls to a chin-grazing length, and add some killer fringe for fall. Take on some French girl fringe. If forehead-covering shaggy bangs aren't your thing, this stylish alternative will keep the cool factor going from the choppy layers to the effortless texture. This shag is a gorgeously edgy take on the classic cut that Joan Jett would approve of—Short layers, tapered ends, and a slight angle. It's a cool girl's dream. If you're no stranger to bangs and bobs, take it to the next level with choppy baby bangs.

Actress Natasha Lyonne allows her dyed red locks to look both shaggy and elegant at the same time. Southern Living's editorial guidelines.

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Medium shag haircuts are achieved by combining layers and texture to create an effortless, messy style. When I cut hair to this style, I prefer adding soft layers of various lengths to create more volume, texture, and depth. I spoke with Canada-based stylist Kristyn Schmerk for more tips on this look. These are the highlights of our discussion. Shaggy blonde hair is the more modern version of the classic shag. If you want a shag, always consider how much layering you are comfortable with.

Modern shaggy hairstyles

Think Joan Jett or David Cassidy. The traditional mullet-type shag was super cool back in the day but might make you look a bit dated if you tried to rock it now. On the other hand, the modern shag is taking the hair industry by storm. The layers should be softer and more blended although a few choppy, disconnected layers are always welcome. Sounds amazing, right? Here are 21 super trendy modern shag haircuts that will make you chop your hair!

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While getting a layer-packed cut like this can be intimidating, the new shag is approachable, softer, and not one-size-fits-all. If you have straight hair, ask for choppy ends when you get your hair cut. This bob has got some personality. Pseudo-Shag Bob. Invest in a good moisturizer and finishing product to combat any frizz. Dark Shag with a Violet Tint. Kiss those warm locks goodbye, and go full-on ash tones for the season. A strawberry blonde base with lilac tips takes this mid-length shag haircut from wow to wow-za! She styles her medium-length 'do with slight bends and an ear tuck. Wet Look Shag. The key here, says Bennett, is to "make sure you dry it thoroughly—to keep volume at the scalp—and use your styling product to show off the texture. Keep things posh and polished with this side-swept shaggy bob that's lighter on the short layers and perfect for thick-haired ladies. A lob-length shag will also be flattering on just about any face shape.

Shag haircuts are still trending in !

The longer your bangs and the less layers you have, the less time you will need to spend styling your hair. By Adam Federico. Dark Blonde Shaggy Waves. By Rachel Williams. This style uses well-blended layers to structure the waves and build volume around the crown, which, together with the short bangs, does a great job of balancing out the long face. To get this cut, ask for shorter layers in the front and sides, with longer layers in the back. With an extended cut at the back that gets shorter to the front, the mullet hairstyle is one of the boldest choices among shag haircuts for women. A short shag with shadow roots and a foxy hue creates an unforgettable creative mix worth giving it a try! When styling this haircut, use a smoothing serum or oil, which will come in handy after the hair is dry. The bangs sweep away from the face, and we love the subtle highlights that add definition.

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