misaki ninja

Misaki ninja

Wind Release. Yin Release. Yang Release. Body Flicker Technique.

Misaki was born in Kirigakure to two shinobi parents, Megumi and Ren. From an early age, Misaki had a penchant for flower-related activities, as she loved gardening and learning about different types of plants. When she was nine, Misaki's parents were sent away on a deep-cover espionage mission, and never returned. When it became apparent that Megumi and Ren were not coming back, Misaki was sent to live with her uncle, Hogyo, a former member of the Cult of Devilish Swordsmen. Hogyo had been driven insane by the experiences of war, but had managed to conceal it from all but a few of his closest friends.

Misaki ninja

She was born minutes after her family was sent out the village due to the 5th tailed beast in Misaki's mother: Akira. Ninja from other villages would raid Misaki's old home: Hidden leaf to take the 5th tailed beast. Misaki lived her live outdoors and never really made any friends, and she never wanted to be a ninja when the academy rolled around. But a tragic event corrupt, Mist ninja attacked her home. Misaki's father was captured and her mother was killed right in front on Misaki's face. The Mist ninja then unleashed a partial style Justu which made Misaki unconscious and the use mist to escape. Misaki later realized what had happened and cried for hours, she was so mad that branches grew from the walls of the hospital she was in. Wiping her tears, Misaki adapted the ability to create and bend nature. After that her choice was no clear of what to do: "I want to be a ninja, and Mom and Dad, your legacy will be past down unto me" she cried and it shakes the heavens. Misaki's first day in the academy and she was in the back sparring with another shinobi until she notice another person fight air. This guy was dark skinned, had curly hair.

Hogyo threatened to behead Misaki if she spoke a word of what happened to anyone, and Misaki could not even have a medic remove her scars because she would have to explain how she received them, misaki ninja. Categories : Kirigakure Resident. She was also very forgiving, being able misaki ninja forgive people who had been mean to her for one trivial reason or another, and accept them as friends.


Misaki Ryuketsu is an article created by Touching theblurredmess , hence usage or editing of the aforementioned piece of work requires her explicit permission to do so. Referencing is allowed so long as due credit is given. The abstinence of plagarism is greatly appreciated. Upon Tsunade 's ascension to the throne of Hokage, she became the youngest ANBU supreme commander in Konoha history at the age of 26, after 13 years of service in the task force. Its signature piece, which is the military leafy coat, has two sizable rectangular compartments on each side of its chest front, a neck guard, tripled padding over the shoulders which is fastened on by steel buttons , and a zipper down the middle to lock it in place.

Misaki ninja

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Related wiki Chatroom Template! She is very talented in the use of the flower arts , and has developed many techniques which suit the theme of flowers. Shinobi's Path Wiki Explore. Whirlpool of Clashing Kin. Ninja Registration. Misaki was born a completely messed up and corrupted being. Sometime after the ordeal, Hogyo committed suicide while in a state of inebriated depression. After weeks of healing, Misaki began to wear forearm coverings, and returned to her normal activities. Chakra Enhanced Strength. Hogyo threatened to behead Misaki if she spoke a word of what happened to anyone, and Misaki could not even have a medic remove her scars because she would have to explain how she received them. Previous Affiliation.

Most Naruto Shippuden fans understand that the titular character's story is as varied as it is vast.

When she was a young child, Misaki was a kind, friendly, and outgoing person. Roleplay Debut. At the start of the series, Misaki had little to no talent in genjutsu, being vulnerable to genjutsu placed on her. Underneath the coat, Misaki wears a short dress, which is clearly separated into red and white portions. Repulsion Technique. Yang Release. She is very fast and tends to kill her enemies slow and in a painful way. Misaki is quite an attractive young woman, who possesses fair skin, long, pink hair, and very unusually-colored golden eyes. Nothing is known about Misaki, except that she was born a few years before the 2nd Great Shinobi war began. Aside from using her flower ninjutsu for battle purposes, Misaki is also able to use her abilities to vitalize flowers, making them more healthy and prominent, by touching the plant in question and flowing chakra into it. As this continued, Misaki began to feel depressed when she was by herself, though she never showed signs of this when around her companions. By the time they were both in their ealy twenties, they bonded and slept with each other, with Misaki learning that she was pregnant almost two months later. She was born minutes after her family was sent out the village due to the 5th tailed beast in Misaki's mother: Akira. Flower Store Owner.

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