zoopla house price estimate

Zoopla house price estimate

A Zoopla house value, zoopla house price estimate, or Zoopla price estimate, is a value that Zoopla believes your house is currently worth if you were to list it for sale on the open market. Zoopla gives you a figure with two figures on either side, a high and zoopla house price estimate low figure, so you can see a range of what your house could be worth. Just like any house valuation, a Zoopla price estimate is a rough figure as to what your property could be worth if you were to sell it in the current market.

If you are thinking about selling your home the chances are that you will have stumbled upon the free to use Zoopla house valuation tool. While getting a house price estimate online is very convenient, many people in the property industry question how accurate such tools can really be. In this blog, we look at who Zoopla are, how their free online house valuation tool works and how accurate it is. We also run through if there is ever a good reason to use it, and the differences between it and its competitors. Launched in , Zoopla is a property website which collates and provides property listings for the UK housing market.

Zoopla house price estimate


The problem is that as we look at higher value properties estimates are only exasperated as Zoopla applies the same percentages that only serves to inflate prices to unrealistic levels.


If you are looking into the valuation of your home before you sell it or if you want to get an idea of the value of a property you intend to purchase, you might be asking how accurate are Zoopla estimates. Even I was amazed when I did the calculations! The strategies you learn in this article will not only save you money, but it will also reduce the stress of buying your next home. I use two of my properties to demonstrate how Zoopla estimates are not accurate. If you take nothing else from this article, it is to know that the accuracy of Zoopla estimates should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Zoopla house price estimate

Just that really - have any of you who have sold recently know how accurate these are for those of us outside the London property bubble? They are only reliable for houses that have just sold and been updated from LR. Otherwise, wildly off. All they do is take the average price increase for the area and apply it to the last sold price. My house has two values. My neighbour has recently bought their house, the price they paid is the exact estimate on Zoopla DD1 is moving house - her house is priced very similar on Zoopla to what she was offered; the one she is buying is higher than the Zoopla estimate. Dd2 is also moving house - her house is also a similar prize on Zoopla but the one she is buying is much higher that what they have offered.

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Is my Zoopla house value realistic? These estimates will come with something of a range making it difficult to really pin point the true value of your property. How does a Zoopla house price estimate work? A lack of comparable Something else to take into account is that Zoopla bases its prices on an average. Get a valuation based on data as well as saleability and you're far more likely to have a smoother sales experience. Ultimately, the Zoopla website is owned by an American private equity firm. This should then provide you with a far tighter range in values upon which you can then decide on a final asking price. Spend thousands landscaping your garden to make it more usable, and chances are buyers will pay a premium. Get a cash offer for a fast house sale. For example, bungalows are often worth more than terraces per square meter , as the extra privacy and easy access they offer older buyers leads to some being willing to pay a premium for them. Similarly, the largest of all UK property listing websites, Rightmove also offers a local house price analysis tool. By sheer chance l stumbled across zooplas valuation of a property which I own.

If you want to sell your house you might decide to get a Zoopla valuation for it. Zoopla offers not just one but two ways to value your house.

This data has been collected for many years and enables Zoopla to have a reasonable guess at the value of your property today. After you have created and logged into your account, Zoopla will show you your house price estimate. Either way though, because Zoopla is orientated purely around data, any mistakes do influence your overall estimate. The problem as a buyer is that the sellers are looking to achieve the overestimates of Zoopla so asking prices can be well above the real values. Most high street estate agents offer free house valuations to homeowners who are considering selling up. Hi John and thank you for your comment. In Summary The Zoopla house valuation tool is only able to provide a rough estimate as to the value of your property. As a leading cash buyer, we offer you a straightforward cash offer, eliminating the need for an asking price, viewings, and the hassle of being part of a chain. In fact, none of the improvements influence your estimate at all. The Zoopla house valuations algorithm takes your homes most recent sale price, and then adjusts it, using a multiplier worked out using many factors including:. This is so that Zoopla can then market their additional services to you. A house that is practically falling down is going to be worth a lot less than one that has recently undergone a full refurbishment. Using the Zoopla house valuations tool can be a little addictive. Moreover, Zoopla can overestimate the value of your property, leaving you with unrealistic expectations.

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