wwe memes

Wwe memes

The expression that perfectly summed up the fan reaction to the Streak ending. Return to Professional Wrestling. The cameras pan over the crowd, highlighting the various signs and other things the fans brought from home, wwe memes. Explanation Foley didn't like this, and said so in a promo, saying "Foley isn't God, wwe memes he's pretty damn good!

Log In. View List. Now let me just point to the president of the World Wrestling Federation and say that Macho Man Randy Savage is not happy with your decision. The cream of the crop always rises to the top. I will be honest, the extent of my exposure to professional wrestling is quite limited. It includes the episode of Project Runway where the designers have to make outfits for female professional wrestlers. The ladies' expressions and presentation on the runway were so campy and ridiculous that it made Michael Kors burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Wwe memes


A little bit of hair grown over the upper lip. The Name Goblin strikes again!


The 'E' in WWE stands for entertainment, and the wrestlers constantly attempt to entertain their fans in every way possible. Whether it is intentionally funny moments like R-Truth undeclaring himself from the Royal Rumble or some serious moments like Batista demanding what he wanted, these moments take no time to be converted into humorous memes thanks to the internet. Over the years, WWE has gifted fans numerous moments which have been made into memes. While almost all wrestlers have had their fair share of memes on the web, a few of them were featured in the most and the best memes. Dolph Ziggler is now a pro-wrestling veteran with more than 15 years of experience in WWE. Although he has achieved numerous accomplishments in the company, there are several other accolades that the other wrestler holds, and Ziggler thinks it should've been him. The Show-Off has been the subject of memes due to various reasons. Brock Lesnar has mostly been depicted as a monster whom one should stay away from.

Wwe memes

Not everything in wrestling makes us smile. Our favorites Oh hi, Rusev don't get booked as strongly as we'd like them to be booked, while wrestlers we feel aren't ready for a superhero-like push Oh hi, Roman get catapulted to the main event and asked to cut the dorkiest of promos. Storylines, such as Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in , may annoy us by favoring the wrong person or rubbing fans the wrong way that storyline did both , and promotions may get rid of wrestlers whom we love, but were never given the respect they deserved. Good thing we have wrestling memes to put those smiles back on our faces. For this list of memes, we shall be looking mainly at those that were inspired by WWE events of the past 12 months or so. We will, however, mix things up a bit on occasion and include a few memes that are a year or two old, because even up to now, they still put a smile on our faces. Either way, if it's memes you want, it's memes you got, as we shall now be bringing you 21 wrestling memes that we hope are funny enough to get you rolling on the mat with laughter. The Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns main event at WrestleMania 31 wasn't that bad.

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Explanation A joke based on the hyped up return of Brodus Clay, complete with many vignettes, which was delayed by John Lauranitis to the next week The particular rhythm eventually carried over to any three ish appropriate syllables the WWE Universe could fit in there. Did you boo the faces and cheer the heels? Get off TV Tropes , heck, for the good of everyone else, get off the entire Internet! Broskis before hoeskis. But you know what? Chris Jericho : I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot! The cameras pan over the crowd, highlighting the various signs and other things the fans brought from home. Big Show, knock him out. Bootista Explanation He was roundly booed upon winning the Royal Rumble. THE drugs! Sheamus is balanced out by eating meat and his gingerbread hair. And there should be two referees in every tag match. Explanation After website Cageside Seats posted this article on insane backstage WWE stories if it's to be believed , the line which Triple H allegedly asked to whichever unfortunate creative team member delivered him that show's script caught on to make fun of Triple H's Wag the Director tendencies in his prime.

To the uninitiated, pro wrestling can seem a silly sport. But as true fans can attest, you'd be hard pressed to find any experience like it, and the certified king of the sport is World Wrestling Entertainment.

Don't ask how. It's sometimes extended to Jolly Wally and the Two Bob Tracky Squad 'bob' being an old form of British currency , which is how Mark's brother and fellow Gallus boy Joe referred to the stable as a whole. Source: Rajah. Sadly, this ended up breaking Lance Storm's character as The Comically Serious , and his wrestling career never really recovered. WWE stands for Walk. If you don't got it, get it! Triple H with a shovel. WWE tried to push him as a babyface, but the crowd despised him. He's since gotten over with the fans, and any time he interrupts a segment which he's been in the habit of doing ever since failing to defeat Sami Zayn at Roadblock: End of the Line expect the fans to yell this. He would punctuate this statement by clicking his pen before adding something or someone to his list. He's the Dubulya Dubulya Eee champion, fella! And if he would go back in time, the one person in history he would want to tap out would have to be

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