will les schwab mount tires bought elsewhere

Will les schwab mount tires bought elsewhere

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See how we can help you save money today and down the road. Flat tires are always inconvenient. Especially if it costs you money to repair. Repairs are free when you have Les Schwab tires. Rotating your tires can help extend their life and save you money. To help you save even more, we rotate Les Schwab-bought tires every 5, miles — for free.

Will les schwab mount tires bought elsewhere

Log In Register. Page 1 of 2 Pages: 1 2. Robert Culbertson. So I needed to get some tires changed, no big deal. I was a happy camper, the guy was nice and did it on the spot even though I didn't need them for a while. Today was a different story. The guy at the counter didn't want to do it because the tires were from somewhere else. I mentioned that if they could get decent DOT racing tires I would have considered them, but they can't soo He says he'll do it, and to come back in a few hours. Which is odd because they have one this for me on a number of occasions That didn't exactly tickle me pink.

It is really just a matter of the local crew running the store, some are good, some aren't.

Wheel and tire balancing and mounting at Les Schwab helps your vehicle roll more smoothly, which could end up saving you money. Like a tune-up for your wheel-tire set, balancing evenly distributes the combined weight of each tire and wheel assembly. Plus, it will help prevent uneven tire wear for added tire life and fuel economy. When your wheel-tire sets are balanced, it minimizes vibrations. In contrast, an alignment ensures all of your wheels are pointing in the same direction. We mount and balance the wheel-tire assembly with every new set of Les Schwab tires. Then rebalance them for free for the life of those tires.

A lot of people choose tires based on the mileage warranty and cost. However, these are only two of many important factors to consider. There are lots of choices between tires even at the same mileage and price point. Things to ask about are: tire size, performance rating, load rating, ply rating, expected mileage and tread design, so you can depend on your tires and feel safe while traveling. Here are answers to questions people ask the most about how to pick out tires. Tires are categorized as all-season, summer, traction, winter or highway for light trucks. A: Performance tires are designed for better cornering and handling at higher speeds. If these are your priorities, talk to your tire dealer about your options. Other specialty tires, such as traction tires for pickups and SUVs , are for off-roading, gravel and driving in mud.

Will les schwab mount tires bought elsewhere

Time To Read:. But we think we can give you a couple of tips to help you choose between your local tire shop and big chains like Discount Tire, Firestone, or Pep Boys. In this article, we dive into different tire installation choices, such as local shops, big chains, and mobile services. We also chat about costs, convenience, and the benefits of each option when it comes to installing tires from other places.

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Register Now! BB code is On. Both of these shops are excellent. They demonstrate a high level of compatibility of externally bought tires with Les Schwab services, accommodating a wide range of tire types and brands. Les Schwab is known for its comprehensive Les Schwab tire services, which extend to tire mounting services at Les Schwab for external purchases. Les Schwab charges a fee for mounting and balancing tires purchased elsewhere. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. The cost can vary based on tire type and additional services required. Check your alignment once a year or every 12, miles to maintain optimal performance. Les Schwab typically mounts tires regardless of where they were purchased, including those from Costco. In the Seattle area I reccomend Tight-n-Tidy racing www.

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This expertise is a crucial aspect of the customer experience with Les Schwab tire mounting, as it contributes significantly to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle. Always check with your local Les Schwab to confirm specific policies and pricing for your tire type. The cost to mount tires at Les Schwab reflects this rigorous compatibility evaluation, maintaining high safety standards. Here are five reasons why professional tire mounting is essential:. Contacting your local store for specific pricing details is always a good practice to avoid surprises. I had them put my Lassa's on the stock Rabbit rims. Yes, additional fees may apply for tires with unusual sizes or those requiring specialized equipment. Just punch in your zip code. Rotating your tires will help extend their life, but the cost of doing so can add up. Like a tune-up for your wheel-tire set, balancing evenly distributes the combined weight of each tire and wheel assembly. Range of Services Offered by Les Schwab Les Schwab excels in providing a wide array of services, ensuring that every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair is covered. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Get your shocks and struts checked anytime your vehicle dives when braking, bottoms out when going over a speed bump, the back-end squats when accelerating, or bounces more than usual.

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