Uncanny collectibles

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Uncanny collectibles


Very good company to deal with on a staff are excellent. Very friendly to deal with. Love shopping here, uncanny collectibles, always have what I need.


The Uncanny Archive is a place where we explore the more obscure and unsettling aspects of the human psyche through art. Our digital archive analyses haunting artworks from the realms of photography, fine art, and film. We bring eerie and otherworldly art to light and explore the Freudian phenomenon of the uncanny through art, as well as the connections between art and the human psyche. Join us on this digital odyssey as we curate and delve into spellbinding work created by both established and emerging artists. Begin the Journey. Film Psychology.

Uncanny collectibles

This we feel in response to certain phenomena — such as strange coincidences, identical twins, and waxwork figures — which are characteristically eerie, creepy, and weird. Since Freud published his now famous essay on the topic, the uncanny has attracted much attention in the humanities and become a popular trope in cultural practices and art criticism. Barely anything on the topic has appeared in the literature of analytic aesthetics. The uncanny is an important topic for aesthetics because it represents an important part of our experience of many works of art. The emergence of the uncanny in art is generally located in the late-eighteenth- or early-nineteenth-century, in Gothic novels and Romantic short stories by writers such as E. Hoffmann and Edgar Allan Poe. In narrative works, the uncanny is often associated with themes of madness and delusion, and an ambiguous suggestion of the supernatural. Certain perennial themes and motifs can be identified across these works.

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Excellent service and communication and super fast shipping. Comment: Optional. Would recommend thank you again great figures and love the stickers and the cardDavid. Excellent service and very quick delivery definitely getting more in future. Fantastic service, great price for the item and the shipping was even quicker than I thought it would be. Customer service is top notch. Additional Information Also Serves Dublin. Excellent service, excellent value and excellent purchase. Item in excellent condition. The customer service and merchandise is second to none, great website for gifts and collectibles. Super fast shipping from Ireland to Yorkshire and well packaged. Contact Uncanny Collectibles Contact info uncannycollectibles.

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A few purchases so far and many more to comeThanks again. Super quick service too. First class communication and service. It was my first time purchasing from them, but it wont be the last. Brilliant Customer Service and Superb delivery times. The website is really well categorised and makes for easy browsing I love that there's a devoted horror section. The reasons for deleting reviews are available here. Great to deal with. They then personally helped me with my order. Very happy with my order!

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