The vengeance of 99 simpsons

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It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 1, Principal Skinner is looking for a company to sign a vending machine contract with Springfield Elementary , with half of the machine's profits going to the school. The unhealthy vending machines sponsored by hip-hop artists are installed, and most of the students use the machines save for Lisa , who protests their extremely high sugar content and artificial additives , but Bart is seen using it the most frequently. Due to the high fat and sugar content in the snacks, the high frequency with which he eats them, and the fact that he sold off his skateboard to Groundskeeper Willie to buy snacks, after three weeks, Bart significantly gains weight and becomes obese and, during an in-show parody of the opening credits, he suffers a heart attack after slowly trying to make it home from school. Bart sees Dr. Hibbert , who says that malted milk balls have clogged his arteries , and that a wad of Laffy Taffy is blocking his liver.

The vengeance of 99 simpsons

Things you buy through our links may earn Vox Media a commission. This article was originally published on October 31, It has been updated to include segments from every Simpsons Halloween episode that has aired since then. Plot: Homer becomes paralyzed after a spider bites him. So far, a normal Sunday morning. His intentions are more diabolical than they appear, though. Reason for Ranking: The segment ends with Homer suffocating Kodos with a pillow — this after the military blows up the heads of dozens of aliens. Plot: Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart. But what happens after he satisfies his decades-long dream? Reason for Ranking: Sideshow Bob killing Bart once is fine. But Sideshow Bob killing Bart over and over and over and over again? Twenty-four years of trying to kill a year-old child have finally paid off. And today, your name is Herb.

Homer picks it up in Mr. February 21,

Directed by Rob Oliver. Bart is turned into an NFT and Marge fights her way through a blockchain to rescue him. Mayor Quimby holds a meeting in front of the Springfield Museum of Art, now nearly empty. He's announcing that the museum will be closed forever, and it's contents will be digitized and sold on the blockchain as NFTs. Homer and Bart sneak into the museum, seeking to turn a profit by digitizing their art, and Bart believes his mooning butt is enough of a work of art to go first.

Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Episode list. Seasons Years Top-rated. Homer and Marge attend Artie Ziff's wedding and become quite uncomfortable when they realize that his bride-to-be is a clone of Marge. The sea captain finds treasure for which he's been searching for 40 years, but City Hall claims it since it was in city limits. Marge convinces the townspeople to use the windfall to build a STEM school. Homer crusades against automation. Professor Frink invents a cryptocurrency that makes him the richest man in Springfield, a title Mr.

The vengeance of 99 simpsons

The satiric adventures of a working-class family in the misfit city of Springfield. Lisa : Dad, just for once don't you want to try something new? Homer : Oh Lisa, trying is just the first step toward failure. Sign In Sign In.

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April 14, Thanks for signing us up, Marge. Marge and Bart de-digitize, and back in the real world, Bart wonders where Homer is. She eventually gets total control after Lisa is arrested, considering the original personality another of her victims. What If? By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice and to receive email correspondence from us. Homer picks it up in Mr. It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. Essential pages. For example, Nelson's becomes a weird combination of his "HA-ha! The only exception seems to be Nelson, whose siblings were only mentioned and it's not clear if he's the firstborn.


Pinafore , and dances as she avenges Bart. December 6, It wasn't until Sherri's funeral, where Terri mentioned Sherri was her older sister, that Lisa realized the victims were all the first -born children in their families. Shout-Out : The "Blocktrain" is one to the train from Snowpiercer. But before the strike could be ordered, Homer figured he could calm Frink down with a back scratch. Bob mentioned an anagram will lead them to the killer's lair. March 23, Download your video and share it with the world! Plot: Lisa locks Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson in a room and introduces them to her many personalities, some more hostile than others. March 25,

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