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Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety sting wiki Stats. Golden Eye Written Guide. Bloody Bowman Written Guide. Black Arrow Written Guide.

Sting was an Elven short-sword made in Gondolin during the First Age , possibly first owned by Gondolindrim. He later passed it to his heir Frodo Baggins. Though just a dagger by standard of the Elves, Sting made a perfect short-sword for a Hobbit , although it was still rather small. Bilbo initially chose to wear it "inside his breeches" [2] and was still able to travel and even run without any apparent inconvenience. Sting was like Glamdring and Orcrist in that "being the work of Elvish smiths in the Elder Days these swords shone with a cold light, if any Orcs were near at hand. However, when the fellowship entered Moria, it is said that "no gleam came from the blades of Sting, or Glamdring, and that was some comfort.

Sting wiki

He was the principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for new wave rock band the Police from to He launched a solo career in , and has included elements of rock , jazz , reggae , classical , new-age , and worldbeat in his music. In , he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for recording. With the Police, Sting became one of the world's best-selling music artists. Solo and with the Police combined, he has sold over million records. Wallsend shipyard , circa , near where Sting grew up. His childhood experiences and the local shipbuilding industry was the inspiration for his musical The Last Ship , which is also set in Wallsend. As a child, he was inspired by the Queen Mother waving at him from a Rolls-Royce to divert from the shipyard prospect towards a more glamorous life. After working as a bus conductor, building labourer and tax officer, he attended the Northern Counties College of Education now Northumbria University from to and qualified as a teacher. Sting performed jazz in the evening, weekends and during breaks from college and teaching, playing with the Phoenix Jazzmen, Newcastle Big Band, and Last Exit. Bandleader Gordon Solomon thought he looked like a bee or according to Sting himself, "they thought I looked like a wasp" , which prompted the name "Sting". You could shout 'Gordon' in the street and I would just move out of your way". Their final album, Synchronicity , was nominated for five Grammy Awards including Album of the Year in According to Sting, appearing in the documentary Last Play at Shea , he decided to leave the Police while onstage during a concert of 18 August at Shea Stadium in New York City because he felt that playing that venue was " [Mount] Everest ".

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It is a martial melee weapon that can be wielded in one hand, or with both hands for extra damage. If you have proficiency , equip in main hand to gain:. From Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki. The trauma of becoming a drider is quickly set aside with a cold arachnid dispassion. This sword follows that disturbing trend - a replenishing poison gland is built within, deployed only against trapped opponents.

He is best known for his singing career, both with the s band The Police and as a solo artist. Sting is also a distinguished songwriter and actor, as well as an active philanthropist in causes from environmentalism to human rights. Sting played with several groups before forming The Police with drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Henri Padovani in Padovani was later replaced by guitarist Andy Summers. The new trio released the single "Roxanne" in the spring of , which went nowhere at first. Interest in their first album Outlandos d'Amour began to grow and it eventually made it onto the British and then the American charts. Sting wrote most of the songs on the album, as he would for most of the group's recordings. Also during this time, he made his first film appearance in the musical drama Quadrophenia

Sting wiki

Born 2 October , in Wallsend, north-east England, Gordon Sumner's life started to change the evening a fellow musician in the Phoenix Jazzmen caught sight of his black and yellow striped sweater and decided to re-christen him Sting. Sting paid his early dues playing bass with local outfits The Newcastle Big Band, The Phoenix Jazzmen, Earthrise and Last Exit, the latter of which featured his first efforts at song writing. Last Exit were big in the North East, but their jazz fusion was doomed to fail when punk rock exploded onto the music scene in Stewart Copeland, drummer with Curved Air, saw Last Exit on a visit to Newcastle and while the music did nothing for him he did recognise the potential and charisma of the bass player. The two hooked up shortly afterwards and within months, Sting had left his teaching job and moved to London. Seeing punk as flag of convenience, Copeland and Sting - together with Corsican guitarist Henri Padovani - started rehearsing and looking for gigs. Ever the businessman, Copeland took the name The Police figuring it would be good publicity, and the three started gigging round landmark punk venues like The Roxy, Marquee, Vortex and Nashville in London. Replacing Padovani with the virtuoso talents of Andy Summers the band also enrolled Stewart's elder brother Miles as manager, wowing him with a Sting song called 'Roxanne'. Within days Copeland Senior had them a record deal.

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He was the frontman, songwriter and bassist for new wave band the Police from until their breakup in He launched a solo career in and has included elements of rock, jazz , reggae , classical, new-age , and worldbeat in his music.

The Independent. And I wave my flag even more vigorously. Sumner CBE s - living. Entertainment Weekly. Sting was interested in having his brain scanned while different music was played. Sting wrote the set of pop-rock songs "in a year of global pandemic, personal loss, separation, disruption, lockdown and extraordinary social and political turmoil". She acknowledges me. Certain caterpillars also have urticating hairs. Archived from the original on 12 June Explore Wikis Community Central. Archived from the original on 16 September Montreux Jazz Festival person ID. Rolling Stone artist ID. Current Wiki. British musician born

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