small closet renovation ideas

Small closet renovation ideas

Interior designers share their best organizational solutions and styling tips.

Steal these space-savvy strategies, organizational systems, and repurposed furnishings to make small walk-in closets function at full capacity. Ann Wilson is a leading expert on home design and remodeling. Small walk-in closet ideas work best when thoughtful design plans are put into play. Devise a purposeful small closet design by first eliminating items you don't need. Then take an inventory of what's left and consider how the remaining items can be grouped to optimize available space. Finally, do a little research to find racks, rods, shelves, bins, and DIY storage solutions that will neatly organize your wardrobe. These clever spaces showcase imaginative small walk-in closet ideas, custom features, efficient layouts, and closet organization tips.

Small closet renovation ideas

If your home is cluttered because you don't have enough storage space , it's time to look at small closet ideas to make the most of the functional space you do have. You don't have to have a walk-in closet to have a storage that works for you. With the right systems in place, even the smallest of closets can become useful storage spaces that will make life easier. From built-in shelving to wall hooks to cubbies, drawers, bins, and smart storage for shoes and accessories, there are multiple ways to remove clutter, organize your items, and make it easy to both find items and put them away. Creating a truly functional space will help you stay organized and keep your space neat and tidy, which helps make the most of your small square footage. Here are 32 of our favorite small closet ideas to help you maximize every inch of your small closet. Having an open closet forces you to curate your belongings since they will always be on display. This idea can be implemented relatively inexpensively by purchasing free-standing bookshelves or configuring closet collection pieces. Labeled storage baskets not only keep things organized and easily accessible, but it also teaches kids how to stay organized at a young age. This closet features cute baskets for loose items like socks, shoes, and other accessories that would normally get lost if they were in an unorganized pile. A closet system completely transformed this once unused tiny closet. Now, it can store baby gear, accessories, and clothing. The matching bins look clean, cohesive and keep small items organized. When you're sick or need an emergency kit, the last thing you want to do is rummage through your closet to find medicine.

Translation: Instead of cutting your wardrobe in half or keeping out-of-season clothes in the attic, you may now find yourself with room to spare.

A closet renovation can be designed and built into life-changing organizational tools. With the help of a general contractor or designer, smaller closets can be combined to make one large one. These Sweeten homeowners show how they tamed the clutter and simplified their everyday. Sweeten matches home renovation projects with vetted general contractors , offering advice, support, and secure deposits—for free. W ith a handful of design courses under his belt, Toby put his passion for design to good use during his home renovation. He had given away the square footage of his bedroom closet to his bathroom located in the next room.

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Closets in every kind of home seem to shrink a little smaller each day. Luckily, these tips are here to help transform your closet organization for good. From simple DIY hacks to small investments in lifesaving organization products, these small closet ideas will make the most of what limited closet storage you have. Empty soda cans may take up space in the recycling bin, but in a cramped closet, they create more. By doubling the number of garments you can hang on one hanger, this hack maximizes the amount of garments you can store in a small closet. Simply pop the tab off the can and slip it around the hook of a hanger.

Small closet renovation ideas

Interior designers share their best organizational solutions and styling tips. While a spacious closet with ample space may be the dream, the reality is that our real estate doesn't always shake out that way. Tiny closets are common, especially in city apartments, historic homes, and otherwise petite floor plans. That said, there are countless ways you can transform a small closet into a highly functional space that beautifully houses all your belongings. The key is to utilize every square inch, get really organized, and perhaps put on your creative cap. Let these small closet ideas inspire you. Emily June Designs. A simple way to elevate the mood in your small closet is to spruce up the lighting situation. In this design, created by Emily June Designs , a bold light fixture lends an earthy and luxurious feel. Choose a bright light that makes it easier to find your garments.

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Create An Open Closet. Presented by LG. Develop and improve services. Bins can then be kept under the bed, in a laundry room cabinet, or in another room until they are ready to be worn again. If you have floor space in your closet, use it. The 15 Most Comfortable Futons on the Market. To complete the customized small walk-in closet ideas, the homeowners strategically spaced sets of hanging rods to accommodate longer shirts and dresses as well as folded slacks. A clear vessel sitting atop the dresser corrals colorful scarves. They're great space-savers, especially in tight rooms where two doors would take up too much space. When you have a small closet—in an even smaller space—there's no ignoring its presence.

Small closets are a possibility — especially if they are fitted out cleverly to cope with all your clothing storage needs. They can transform how adult bedrooms function, and help children keep their bedrooms neat and their clothes in good order, too. We've sourced our favorite small closet designs to show that your bedroom ideas don't actually need huge square footage — just clever tricks to maximize the limited space you have.

Bins on the opposite wall keep purses and totes where they can be seen and easily grabbed as the homeowner dashes out the door. Not all items must be hung. Develop and improve services. A cohesive color palette can instantly make a closet feel more glamorous—no matter its size. The brass hardware gave a final refined touch, plus tied in with the hardware elsewhere in the home. A compartmentalized drawer—and tiny matching dishes—give your jewelry and accessories a place to live. Continue to 28 of 32 below. Continue to 2 of 32 below. Instead of playing the shame game and pretending it's not there, use it as an added decorative element. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Tiny closets are common, especially in city apartments, historic homes, and otherwise petite floor plans. Wendy Rose Gould is a veteran freelance lifestyle reporter based in Phoenix, Ariz. Trays within drawers help keep smaller accessories sorted and in their rightful spots, while two rows of rods take advantage of all the vertical space. It keeps an exposed space from distracting from the interior design scheme and takes up way less space than a traditional bi-fold door. While a spacious closet with ample space may be the dream, the reality is that our real estate doesn't always shake out that way.

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