shinkansen fare calculator

Shinkansen fare calculator

After buying plane tickets, the JR Rail Pass is the next thing travellers search for in preparation for their trip to Japan. But do you really need to get one and how much will you save? The pass is valid for that period of time from the day that it is first used. A 7-day Ordinary Pass will cost 29, shinkansen fare calculator, yen for shinkansen fare calculator and 14, yen for children.

Try out our new Shinkansen Fare Calculator Photo by TC site screen shot With Tokyo as your starting point, the calculator lets you choose your destination along the shinkansen route map and will provide you with current fare information. This includes the price of non-reserved and reserved one-way fare to help you better plan and budget for your Japan travels. Cheapo bonus : For destinations like Kyoto and Shin-Osaka, you can book discounted return tickets via our site. Consider this scenario : You are a tourist and want to split your time between Tokyo and Kyoto i. Which do you choose? You would need to use the JR Pass for two or more inter-city trips to reap the savings.

Shinkansen fare calculator


We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. A day Ordinary Pass will cost 46, yen for adults and 23, yen for children.


Find the best route including bullet train, bus, airline, and taxi. Compatible with your railway pass. Plan your trip by calculating the train cost and distance. Check the train schedule. View the route on a map. Know which station to transfer, which exit to go out. Thank you for your response. We will continue to strive for improvement in quality. Leave Now. Current Time.

Shinkansen fare calculator

This website shows you a lot of the train passes. But some of you plan to buy a regular ticket. Even if you will use the rail pass, you may have to compare the price of the pass and the regular fare to make sure that you can get the worth of it or not. This is the easiest way to get the fare and the timetable of most trains in Japan.

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Compare that to an 8-hour bus ride or an all-day local train ride riddled with cumbersome transfers. Get our Tokyo Cheapo Hacks direct to your inbox. Getting around Transport. The first is the base price to travel from station A to station B on any train, and the second is the price to travel on the shinkansen specifically. A day Ordinary Pass will cost 59, yen for adults and 29, yen for children. Privacy Policy Accept. When is the best time to book hotels, buy tickets to Ghibli Park, and sort out everything else? February 5th, Japan Rail Tickets. Tags: Bullet train Featured Getting around Rail. Another being that you value your time more than money, and would rather spend said time doing than traveling.

This is why I decided to create this tool, so you can check easily if you should buy the pass for your trip or not.

This can create a situation where a train trip that you thought would be covered by the JR Rail Pass becomes an extra expense once you are here. A day Ordinary Pass will cost 46, yen for adults and 23, yen for children. If it is smaller, it can go in the overhead luggage racks, if it is larger, it cannot be taken onto the train. Start a thread on our community forum. Combine these two prices and you have the total cost of the shinkansen ticket; 13, yen for a non-reserved seat, 14, yen for a reserved seat, and 18, yen for a Green Car seat. Watch this next. But do you really need to get one and how much will you save? Questions or comments about this article? A 7-day Green Car Pass will cost 38, yen for adults and 19, yen for children. Getting around Transport.

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