patch notes destiny 2

Patch notes destiny 2

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Patch notes destiny 2

Sign in or create an account to enjoy GINX perks, enter competitions and access exclusive features. Are you searching for the latest Destiny 2 Patch Notes? If the answer is yes we imagine it's because Bungie has just dropped a brand new Destiny 2 update or hotfix to the game. If you're new to Destiny, or even most live service games, you must keep an eye on the game's patch notes for any sneaky changes that the developer might be making from one update to the next. Whilst these updates will invariably include quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes for in-game glitches, they might also contain a few balancing changes that can have a significant impact on overall gameplay. There's no telling when Bungie might decide to buff or nerf some of your favourite weapons, or class abilities, and when they do, it's best that you know about it so you can adjust your builds accordingly. Regardless of whether it's a small change or a more sizeable update that drops with a new season or expansion, we're keeping this page as our regular updated home for the latest Destiny 2 Updates, Patch Notes, and hotfixes. Read on for the latest information. Below you will find the latest patch notes for Destiny 2 and the various updates released by the game. Another fix will be implemented in Update 7. Fixed an issue where the Ball Lightning melee projectile could fail to spawn when activated immediately after canceling a slide. Fixed an issue where Exotic armor pieces available as Riven's Wishes rewards would show their base stats from Collections.

You can still reset your Artifact and make your picks again.


New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. With the implementation of Destiny 2 Update 7. Read the full notes here. The latest update for Destiny 2 Update 7. There were a number of buffs and debuffs to gear, bug fixes across the board, and various optimizations, one of which were fixes to the out-of-bounds areas of the Multiplex, as well as disabling the ability to use Sparrows there. There was plenty more in the update as well, so check out the full patch notes here. Bungie launched Destiny 2 Update 7. This update was a doozy, bringing in a long list of updates such as increased recoil on SMGs, reduced damage falloff on Auto Rifles when aiming down sights ADS , and plenty more.

Patch notes destiny 2

Diamond Medallions are a brand new rarity introduced in Destiny 2 Guardian Games If you want your class to win Guardian Games , you need to know how to farm Diamond Medallions. The class that banks the most Medallions in a single day earns the win. At the end of Guardian Games, the class with the most days won wins the entire tournament. There are always two Diamond Contender Cards available each week.

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Ophidia Spathe Knife kills now grant a stacking damage bonus to throwing knives. Invalid magazines will be removed and replaced with valid magazine options. This means that players could feasibly unlock all 25 Artifact mods by the end of the Season! Rank adjustment prioritizes wins and losses and ignores inflation protection. Removed all Legendary Shard costs from all ritual and lfocusing costs. This book comes with an in-game code to unlock the "Archivist's Prize" emblem! Warlock Weavewalk Fixed an issue where the Weavewalk visual effects could end early in some situations. Fixed an issue where the descriptions of Deconstruct and enhanced Deconstruct had missing information between the two. Sentinel Shield Shield Throw ability energy regeneration while Sentinel Shield is active is no longer dependent on the player's Discipline stat. Kills or picking up a Remnant grants additional range, as well as handling and mobility.

The 7. This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of the 7. If you wish to read the Patch Notes in full, you can do so via the official Bungie websites 7.

Tommy's Matchbook Updated the description strings to properly communicate that the Scorch functionality is tied to the catalyst being equipped. November 28, Gameplay and Investment Armor Peregrine Greaves no longer deals additional bonus damage to boss level Tormentor's like Nezarec. Fixed an issue where Shiver Strike would not function with the Melee Kickstart armor mod. Fixed an issue where Sudden Death rounds did not abide by Elimination rules. Fixed an issue where damage from environmental hazards was not reduced while the player was in an active Weavewalk. General Added foundry weapons as a reward from Lost Sectors. Fixed an issue where acquiring Artifice Armor before non-Artifice Armor would prevent it from being available as an armor ornament. Players will now earn Reputation Rank progress with Banshee when dismantling Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor or by completing daily Gunsmith bounties. Fixed an issue where some player abilities could go through Hive barriers. We have also been iterating on how we communicate the shields present in a strike if Match Game is on. Gambit Reputation gains are doubled for the entire week! Thanks to some fresh technology built for the upcoming The Witch Queen campaign, this limitation is now removed! Now provides damage resistance against combatants while airborne.

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