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Please wait You might have lots of options for preparation, but why choose Oliveboard? Well, it is a full-fledged learning platform to give an edge to your preparation and take it a step ahead. Oliveboard provides you the freedom of choice where you can choose what to study, when to study, and from whom to study. Be it a full course, particular section, or even a single topic, Oliveboard provides access to all major and minor examinations conducted across the nation.

Oliveboard blog

Please wait National Income is one of the most important and a very basic topic when comes to reading about the Indian Economy. In this blog post, we bring to you a brief overview of the National Income of India so that you become aware of it which in turn will help you in the General Awareness section of various banking and government exams. It is the net value of all the final goods and services produced by the nationals during a financial year. In India, financial year starts from 1st April and ends on 31st March every year. It includes payments made to all resources in the form of wages, interest, rent and profits. The growth of National Income aids in knowing the progress of the country. National Income Accounting is a method used to measure the economic activity in the country as a whole. As per the National Income Committee a National Income estimate measures the volume of commodities and services turned out during a given period counted without duplication. The following outlines these factors:. Additionally, the impact of inflation on these products is taken into account. GDP incorporates government expenditures, consumption, exports, imports, and investment within India. When NI is measured at the base year price, it is NI at constant year price. When NI is measured at the current year price, it is NI at current year price. Factor Cost It is the cost of factors of production i.

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Please wait Weekly Current Affairs PDF : Current Affairs being part of the General Awareness section is asked in every government exam and is also important from the final interview. General awareness can be the easiest section when followed regularly. You can also take an online quiz on Oliveboard App and Website. Since GA is a vast topic, weekly current affairs will help you at the time of the revision, especially during last-minute revisions. The importance of current affairs cannot be overstated.

Gone are the days when aspirants used to visit the offline coaching center to prepare for the competitive exams. Technological developments and contributing effects of Covid have revolutionized the online education system. However, to cater to the demand of different exams and to customize the needs of the student community many e-learning platforms have emerged. When it comes to subscribing to a test series or opting for online classes or other study assistance, students look for the available options online and they feel bewildered due to the number of options available. Many such queries comprise Testbook vs Oliveboard and students need to resort to unofficial sources for information. Today we will put things into your perspective so that you can decide which is better Oliveboard or Testbook? Oliveboard launched in and Testbook in , have become the ladder to success in the competitive journeys of many students. The founding members of both the ed-tech startups come from the top institutions and they have made significant contributions to the online world of education. The entrepreneurial mindset of these bigwigs have efficiently identified the gap in the learning methodology and are on their way to bridge the same. The major products and services provided by Testbook and Oliveboard belong to the same sphere but there are differences in their features that students should know about before concluding their buying decision.

Oliveboard blog

Please wait We have monthly current affairs PDFs available for the year each months, which can be helpful for candidates preparing for competitive exams. Monthly Current Affairs are available in both English and Hindi languages and can be downloaded for free. It is important to study these PDFs thoroughly as they contain all the necessary information for current affairs preparation.


Now the rest of the questions will be mainly curated to the position you are applying for. Because there is no way you are going to remember everything that happened over the last 12 months. Thirdly, either think out loud about the question or redirect it towards topics that you do know. Content Writing. I watched Oliveboard Youtube GA videos and attempted a lot of Mock tests, which were very helpful for my preparation. These Current Affairs PDFs by Oliveboard are a perfect mix of all important events happening in all fields and around the globe. Tamil Nadu Exams. Uttarakhand SSSC. In India, financial year starts from 1st April and ends on 31st March every year. We have understood the fact that every aspirant is different and has its own online exam preparation technique. Weekly Current Affairs 5th February to 11th February Central Warehousing Corporation. General Awareness of SSC can be tricky due to its vast syllabus and the uncertainty of the questions. I write content to help people prepare for banking exams because I have experience as an aspirant myself.

I watched Oliveboard Youtube GA videos and attempted a lot of Mock tests, which were very helpful for my preparation. Thanks a lot Oliveboard.

How to Answer general interview questions and other tips. Still, the current affair section features up to 10 questions and can make a huge difference in your overall score. SSC Exams. That helped me broaden my horizon and enriched the process. Thanks a lot Oliveboard. After analyzing your performance, it will suggest videos and courses which you can take to improve your weak spots. Politely inform the panelists that you are not aware of the answer. The first step is to not panic. Topics included are banking, finance, international news, internal affairs, defence, science and technology, sports, and more. The interview is to see the extent of your knowledge, but more than that, it is to see how adept you are at expressing yourself. Light on your pockets but heavy on your selection! Leave a comment Cancel reply Comment Name Email. Practice in front of the mirror. We cover a range of topics for all the sections. Alongwith your subject matter knowledge make sure to prepare yourself mentally as well.

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