moon lovers rain scene

Moon lovers rain scene

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A 21st-century woman is transported back in time by a solar eclipse in this fantasy historical romance. Genre: fantasy , fusion sageuk , melodrama , romance. Just when things start to look up for him and he dares to hope for more, it all comes crashing down around him. Queen Sinmyeongsunseong leaves the ceremonial grounds in a rage, while the people in the capital dance in the streets, celebrating the downpour. While he wonders how So managed to cover his scar, fourteenth prince Jung guesses he must have used someone skilled in cosmetics… and Wook, hearing this, turns to look at Su. He knows.

Moon lovers rain scene

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Storyline Edit. The fascinating thing about the original was that Ruoxi the main female character was smart, knowledgeable, and KNEW the history.

It was pointless to circumvent the will of the heavens. What was bound to happen would happen. The burning sun had wrought destruction on the land and there had been unrest in the kingdom. Thieves flourished. The Crown Prince had been sent to quell the troubles created by them. Hae Soo brought some precious health items to the prince and gave him some health advice.

Here, we list down all the stunning places in South Korea from the hit time slip K-Drama! All you gotta do now is find your own prince. Recall that steamy scene from the first episode in which our beloved princes were taking a bath? Ondal Tourist Park was built as a model to showcase the houses of noblemen and traditional shopping district of the past. You can even try on costumes and props used during the actual filming of dramas here! The not-so-secret meeting between Hae-soo and 8th prince, where our dear prince asked Hae-soo for her hand in marriage, only to be intervened by Court Lady Oh was filmed right in the Ondal Grotto Cave. The scene with our heroine getting pulled into a time slip while trying to save a drowning boy at Cheonjuho Lake was filmed at Pocheon Art Valley —a granite quarry eroded by spring water and rain runoffs. Nearby Pocheon Art Valley lies Pocheon Herb Island , a Europe-themed attraction that houses more than types of herbs used by bakeries, cafes and restaurants.

Moon lovers rain scene

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I can't believe it took me like 12 hours to remember, but that's kind of how the kiss went down in the original series too. Perhaps she's suffering from a delayed reaction to finally arriving from Goryeo I feel so conflicted about this episode. She could have been wife, concubine or even his slave and he could do with her as he pleases. But still this drama is one of my favorites. Okay, this show needs to get out of my mind, so I can function like a normal person. Okay, Su is probably terrified like a puppy because it's probably hit her that she could actually be killed by Wang So, who BTW has threatened her. I was scared that because his recent dramas is not well-received in Korea, TV networks will give him a cold-shoulder. Then, Astronomer Choi tells her that when he was a child, he drowned and came back to life. I'm not really sure if it's ok if the other princes dip into dad's pool of maids for this time period. Hmm all along I was placing more meaning behind the mask than there was intended. All she wants is a son of hers as king, right?


I'm too far attached to this show, there's no way I could retract now. The show's been pretty faithful to the original C-drama Scarlet Heart with the way the plot unfolds. But now, i can't hold my hand to write this comment.. Or at least they utilize exactly those traits which have been built up as endearing in romantic genre fiction, the prickly, tsundere lead, regardless of how abusive or awful they may actually be. I can just feel Wang So's pain after that ordeal with his family then with Hae Soo. And, because of his decision, he would change the future of Goryeo forever. It makes no sense that I keep thinking about a show this much! I also liked his exchange with Ji Mong and how aware he is that his chances at the throne are diminishing. Top picks Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. With the eclipse, time shifted, and she finds another Eun, who acts very much like a little boy despite his age.

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