legend movie imdb

Legend movie imdb

A young woman wants to become an X-rated star, but her father secretly plans another life for her. Sign In Sign In.

Add a plot in your language. Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Legend 2h 14m.

Legend movie imdb

Sign In. Paul Anderson Albert Donoghue. Christopher Eccleston Nipper Read. Joshua Hill Constable Scott. Emily Browning Frances Shea. Colin Morgan Frank Shea. Tara Fitzgerald Mrs Shea. Nicholas Farrell Dr Humphries. Adam Fogerty Pat Connolly. Mel Raido Ian Barrie. Millie Brady Joan Collins. Chris Mason Ronnie Hart. Stephen Thompson Ronnie Bender. Sam Spruell Jack McVitie. Taron Egerton Mad Teddy Smith.

The movie, as a whole, is a pretty well made gangster flick as well; I've liked Helgeland's other films especially 'PAYBACK'and I think he does a more than adequate job helming this one. Top legend movie imdb Directors Jerry Joseph D.

Saravanan, a foreign-educated researcher returns to his native place in India. His family runs colleges and hospitals. He crosses swords with a filthy-rich medical mafia with only commercial Read all Saravanan, a foreign-educated researcher returns to his native place in India. He crosses swords with a filthy-rich medical mafia with only commercial intentions. Sign In Sign In.

The film revolves around Jack, a pure being [N 1] who must stop the Lord of Darkness who plots to cover the world with eternal night. In order to cast the world into eternal night, the Lord of Darkness sends the goblin Blix to kill the unicorns in the forest near his castle and bring him their horns. Told by Darkness that the best bait is Innocence, Blix and his colleagues Pox and Blunder follow Princess Lili as she visits her forest-dwelling paramour, Jack in the Green. Jack teaches Lili to speak to animals, then takes her blindfolded to a forest stream where the unicorns frolic. When Lili holds out her hand to touch the stallion , Blix shoots him with a poison dart from his blowpipe and the unicorns flee. Jack is angry, but Lili laughs off his concern and issues a challenge by throwing her ring into a pond, declaring she will marry whoever finds it. While Jack dives in after the ring, the goblins track down the poisoned stallion and sever his alicorn, causing winter to descend. Lili runs off in terror, and Jack is barely able to break through the surface of the now-frozen pond. Lili takes refuge in a peasant cottage.

Legend movie imdb

He is standing in the church, waiting for his young bride Frances to walk down the aisle. His brother Ronnie is alongside him. The bespectacled Ronnie is a little taller and more thickset than his brother. They are identical twins but we can easily tell them apart. What makes the scene - and the film - so startling is that both Reggie and Ronnie are played by the same actor, Tom Hardy. Hardy gives an utterly fascinating performances in his dual role.

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If you're a fan of his, seeing him play such distinctly different and very memorable characters, is wildly entertaining. Regal Punter uncredited Janette Sharpe Police uncredited Debbie J. See more gaps Learn more about contributing. It's bloody on top of witty, charming and fun. I can go on and on and on but long story short, this was a very engaging movie, one to be watched and celebrated along with friends. New Customer? One of the great things about this film is you know what you're going to get, and it delivers, then some. Adam Hypki Russian Taxi Driver uncredited. Deja Renee Jessica. There are side plots that aren't picked up on enough, some characters don't get the development they really deserve based on the size of their role, and the plot takes a really long time to get going. More like this.

A young man must stop the Lord of Darkness from destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves.

Top Gap. Jacqueline Elaina. Geethika Mayilsamy Nassar. Here the twins have a mother but she is, on the film, a distant character and that's what I missed here. Young Violet Kray uncredited. Christopher Adamson Philip Testa. Gary Feb 14, If the film had actually shown the Kray's criminal life I could have understood his reasons for saying that. This can be a problem for films striving for strict accuracy, but Legend's larger-than-life, often tongue-in-cheek approach left plenty of room for fashioning a narrative. Photographer uncredited. The amazing special effects make the dual show possible, but within minutes of the start here, you completely forget that these two characters are played by the same man. Let's start with the title This movie is mostly dedicated to Tom Hardy delivering his excellent, albeit slightly and funnily schizophrenic, acting prowess. Paul Anderson Albert Donoghue.

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