Honda cb750 cafe racer

Cafe racers are some of the most beautiful motorcycles to hit the open road. A blend of refinement and ruggedness, building a cafe racer is creating an art piece out of a motorcycle.

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Honda cb750 cafe racer

These bikes have a wealth of history. The next generation of CB — the F series between and built on that status. The only downfall is the shape of tank making it harder to work with on custom builds. To get this beauty I had to drive to the Eastern Coast of Victoria to a small town called Bairnsdale about 3 hour drive from Melbourne. According to the previous owner, he inherited it from an old friend and had it sitting under a tarp for about 7 years before looking at it. He then started a project that he decided not to finish. I was however impressed with most of what he did to it. The previous owner was an engineering fabricator so the quality of work was good. The engine was in a great condition with its low mileage and was checked before being cleaned and painted in a flat black etch primer. The exhaust headers 4 into 1 were purchased and the muffler was made in-house. The carbs were also cleaned and re-tuned, and the front end was re-sealed and oil, further lessening my workload. The colour scheme is nice enough, but close up there are blemishes and runs. Also, other things that need to be done are the wiring and lighting. But more on that as we progress. Hope you all enjoy it.

The first piece has 8 bends in it, all required a bit honda cb750 cafe racer back and forth between the bike, a bucket of water and the oxy torch. The next generation of CB — the F series between and built on that status. Any imperfections will come up and potentially become obvious under the correct lighting conditions.

That is why the finished bike is only black, white with a bit of leather detailing. The engine block checked out, but pretty much everything attached to it would need replacing. With the CB in pieces, the pair also worked on how to remodel the bike to possess the lines they were after. Karel eventually found the solution when he uncovered a CB fuel tank at a local flea market. Mounting the tank to the frame instantly gave the bike a retro appearance and with some minor tweaks laid out a new bone line.

Scramblers and trackers are by far the most ubiquitous style. The bike you see here started life as a Honda CB In a somewhat familiar manner, the build story starts with a tipsy, late-night, rose-tinted eBay purchase. Dave owner of the spectacles of the aforementioned hue secured a Honda CB on eBay late one evening, after a beverage or two. A solid purchase, with a decent engine and good handling. Fuelling, however, was poor and brakes weak. Equally, the bike had a wrist-aching stance that needed correcting. Alongside that, a bodged tank repair needed attention. Bowled over by the show bike, a mere two days later Dave purchased a ZRX donor which was then customised by the team to stunning effect. Just a tweak to the existing bike.

Honda cb750 cafe racer

I stuck with motorcycles mainly because they take up less space than cars, and are generally cheaper. I got into CBs about years ago as a hobby and something to keep my hands busy. My workshop is an overcrowded 1-car garage. This bike is a CB An aquaintance gave me a heads up about it and I acquired it as a frame and motor. It also came with a few boxes of parts including an original Honda service manual with piles of receipts. Turns out, it had sat unused since

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See all results. Welcome, First off beautiful car You have there And can not wait to see Your finished no pun intended motorcycle project. It has the right amount of cold cranking amps CCAs to fire up the 4 cylinder engine and enough amp hours to keep the supply going. I go them sodaplasted and the result looks nice. Enjoy the sights. What makes them truly unique though is their ability to bond with others who share the same obsession. This is also where the rear hoop attached to the frame and acts as a reinforcement. You read that right, the Honda CB is packing four cylinders between its wheels. We also did some important lathe work. Project is moving on Cleaning fluid and slosh around, letting it sit on all faces of the tank for periods at a time.

Yes, the Honda CB is probably the most popular base bike for a cafe racer project.

Long time, no see At roughly minutes a hole you can see how quickly this can add up. Step 7. Something we definitely wanting to avoid. Inspirationbikes are these. The shape is coming along nicely. Click to expand It is a single overhead cam that can get up to MPH stock. The custom billet grips give a nice contrast to the black motogadget components and tie in nicely with the aluminium finishes of the bike. This is also where the rear hoop attached to the frame and acts as a reinforcement. This first project message is like introduction to my world and to my project. Another way to think about choosing colour schemes is to perhaps follow a theme. In my opinion the Red, Yellow and Grey stood out to me. If at some stage in the future we decide to change things, we can cut out a fine filter and press it against the stainless steel mesh for extra filtration.

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