Gifts for writers amazon

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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. An aspiring novelist, a family member currently penning their memoir, a friend with hundreds of poems in their Notes app, or a Jane Austen enthusiast trying their hand at creative writing for the first time, perhaps? A lap desk with the perfect wrist support for working in bed? After all, writing can be difficult and it's easy to feel discouraged, so a thoughtful gift that cures writer's block, lol could mean the world to them. For the times they want to work from bed, this lap desk will be their best friend. Thanks to its dual bolster cushion base and wrist rest, it'll provide the utmost comfort even if they've got their laptop propped up while they're laying down. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better: It has a built-in mousepad and holders for pens or other tech devices.

Gifts for writers amazon


Thanks to its dual bolster cushion base and wrist rest, it'll provide the utmost comfort even if they've got their laptop propped up while they're laying down.


We've been independently researching and testing products for over years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. Writing can be agony — every writer knows this. People who claim writing is easy are not to be trusted. But writing is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have the right tools, the right environment and the right headspace for creativity and productivity. To find out which gifts are on a writer's wish lists, we asked writing professionals across different fields to recommend essentials and not-so-essentials they use every day — or really want this year. The journalists, reporters and authors we spoke to including some of Good Housekeeping 's own editors suggested everything from the best pens and notebooks to coffee gifts , tech gifts and wellness gifts for relaxing both during and after a long day at their keyboard. This collection of the best gifts for writers also includes affordable gifts, productivity tools and a number of top-tested products by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Keep in mind what kind of writer you're gift-hunting for.

Gifts for writers amazon

Even so, there are many great gift ideas out there for writers besides pens and notebooks. There are tools out there that address not only the way you write, but also the space in which you write, and the way that you advertise it for your friends and strangers alike. We also found some ideas that are savvier than anything else, resources to help you successfully market yourself and finally get your work into the hands of a publisher. Simply scroll through this list and pick out your favorite gift or gifts! There are about a thousand of these dramatic bookends floating around the Internet.

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I personally use this one during evenings and it has enough brightness to read comfortably in the dark. Writers are readers too, and this subscription can bring a healthy dose of inspiration to their bookshelves. Masterclass offers a range of classes from different fields and this course is essential for any budding journalists looking to improve their storytelling skills. Follow today. The accessory features an iconic book cover and removable straps. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. If they aspire to be a writer , this book will reveal basic tools of the art of writing. Also, you can customize the engraving with the desired name or message. It delivers a deep kneading shiatsu massage to loosen tight muscles and boost circulation. Associate editor Allie Wise owns this pencil cup and is the decor that inspired this gift guide. Designed with a sturdy base, it features a padded ergonomic wrist pad, storage pocket and tablet holder for convenience, stability and comfort. If they're totally old-school, they'll appreciate this typewriter keyboard that they can use with their computer, phone, or tablet via Bluetooth. The keys themselves have such an ASMR-like quality to them that helps me feel a little more relaxed while typing. Writer's block is a real thing and this book will help them improvise ideas. Write down your to-do list on this quirky notepad.

Off comes the cap and gown and on comes the daunting task of being an adult. For the college graduate, that usually entails starting a job and moving into their own place. But it can also mean traveling or moving home to figure out next steps.

Write down your to-do list on this quirky notepad. Food writer Kiera Wright-Ruiz believes so. Sometimes technology can distract writers from their craft, but with this phone, you can get much more creative and eliminate distraction. Thanks to its dual bolster cushion base and wrist rest, it'll provide the utmost comfort even if they've got their laptop propped up while they're laying down. This Lego typewriter is on my wish list and I am planning to buy this for my home office. It comes in sterling silver and it can be added to a bracelet or necklace for the ultimate personalized touch. Book lovers will appreciate this book-themed purse. For anyone who constantly scribbles ideas but runs out of paper in their notebook quickly, give them this smart pad. What's better than a regular pen? Hanna Flanagan. Save your fave writer's back and booty with a chic desk chair.

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