get even ps4 walkthrough

Get even ps4 walkthrough

Once the mission begins go to the right, just past the stone statue and into the stone gazebo. Scan the clock. Head towards building B but don't enter. Instead go left and past the kennel.

Posted By Pramath On 24th, Jun. If you want to play through the game, but are unsure of what you should be doing, or if you simply want to watch a playthrough before deciding whether or not the game is something that you feel like you should put up money for, the good news is, we have you covered- the full video walkthrough for Get Even is embedded below for you to watch. View More. Additionally, an Indie World presentation is also scheduled for March, a known leaker has claimed. Former Ghostwire: Tokyo director Ikumi Nakamura says the map is "kind of hard to describe" but isn't "ginormou

Get even ps4 walkthrough


Posted By Pramath On 24th, Jun.


Get Even is a psychological horror game from The Farm Published by Bandai Namco, the game puts players into the roles of Mr. Black and Mr. Red, two very different people who must uncover the truth behind their own memories. There are plenty of secrets hidden throughout the game, and this Get Even guide will act as a complete hub for all of our game content, including collectibles, achievements, and more. Get Even is all about being patient and investigating every faucet of the world around you. Do not be afraid to look around or take your time completing levels.

Get even ps4 walkthrough

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Enter and on your right is a gas bottle. Scan him and go right, ignoring his request. Share Your Thoughts Below Always follow our comments policy! Go as far as you can and read the page. The ADS Heist 3. Read the page on the mattress and head through the right door this time. Then try to leave back through the gate. Interact with the paper next to the cell and proceed down the hallway. Keep moving forward, the down the stairs and through the door. Head towards building B but don't enter. Former Ghostwire: Tokyo director Ikumi Nakamura says the map is "kind of hard to describe" but isn't "ginormou

The game was originally scheduled to be released on 26 May , but due to the Manchester Arena bombing , it was delayed to 23 June Get Even is played from a first-person perspective, combining elements of shooter , puzzle , and adventure games. As Cole Black, players make their way through an abandoned insane asylum on the orders of the mysterious Red.

Turn around and a patient should open a door and charge you. As Yokai Hunters, players use the "Fox Window" to observe the spirit world, battling and collecting Yokai for Read them all. Hide ads. Activate the fuse boxes as they light up with heat. When you reach the next cell, scan the patient, then examine the paper next to the door. Interact with them all. There is a drone on a broken bench, scan it. Make a right and open the cupboard. Criterion Games' racer will receive four additional volumes of new content in its second year, it has been con Scan the clock. Open the first cupboard on the right and head through the hole. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough?

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