fear the walking dead s2e13

Fear the walking dead s2e13

Refugees begin flooding into the hotel the group is staying at, and they recognize a familiar face among them. Madison has a hard time dealing with the entire situation. Chris Manawa : Dad, your way, it doesn't work.

By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use vendors that may also process your information to help provide our services. Well, it had to be done. Did you agree with the last? Now there was a whole crowd of people outside the gate begging to be let in!

Fear the walking dead s2e13

Family has played a larger role in Fear the Walking Dead than it has played in The Walking Dead , with the blended family of Travis and Madison as the central focus. Particularly in this second season, the relationships between parents and children, and the efforts of children to redefine themselves in this new world, have taken center stage. For an entire episode, for example, Nick wandered the desert in search of his own identity, attempting to rationalize the various parts of himself and the many different experiences in his past, into a single coherent personality. He traveled with the walkers; he ate with dogs; near the end of the episode he seemed to rise from the dead, a new man. In the beginning of The Walking Dead universe, there was Carl Chandler Riggs and Sophia Madison Lintz , who were especially vulnerable, because they were children, to the many dangers of this new world. Or, as Lori Sarah Wayne Callies asks at one point, is it even ethical to raise a child in this sort of world? The outcome was different for each child. Sophia turned, and Rick was forced to put her down. The children in Fear the Walking Dead are of a different sort, and they raise other questions. In short, none of them need to be protected in the ways Carl and Sophie required. Their parents are far less worried about keeping them away from walkers than about keeping them away from dangerous ideas. In this sense, the show has set itself up — at least for now — as a series about family conflict, generational differences, and coming of age.

I was adapting. Nick Romano. I understand that you want Fear to get better but then did you actually think this episode is good or did you just want it to be good and are basically trying in vain to seek out anything at all to like about it?

A large number of survivors who had seen the hotel's lights come on flock to the hotel gates, demanding to be let in, but the hotel survivors refuse to grant them entry. Suddenly, Madison spots Travis among the crowd and lets him inside, asking him what has happened in the time since their separation. It is shown that, after Chris shot and killed the farmer , Travis tried to treat the wounds of James, the tourist who was shot in the leg by the farmer; he also buries the farmer's body next to his family's graves. That night, Travis tries to warn Chris that the tourists should not be trusted, but Chris rebuffs him. After staying on the farm for a week, the tourists decide to leave for San Diego in spite of Travis' warnings that the city has been burned to the ground. However, because James still hasn't fully recovered, his injuries prevent him from being moved, delaying the plans of leaving. When he overhears the others consider killing James, Travis steals Chris' gun to protect him.

By providing your information, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use vendors that may also process your information to help provide our services. Well, it had to be done. Did you agree with the last? Now there was a whole crowd of people outside the gate begging to be let in! She, Alicia and Oscar were busy trying to turn away the desperate refugees when, among them, Madison noticed Travis. Sorry, it sucks to be the rest of you. We eventually learned the answer through more flashbacks. Gee, nice guys. Travis intervened, and then even guarded the patient in the barn.

Fear the walking dead s2e13

Follows two families who must band together to survive the undead apocalypse. Victor Strand : Fighting for something better can get you killed, but it's also something that can let you live forever. Sign In Sign In. New Customer?

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Photos Yes I do feel that week after week, some people who have problems with this show really get slammed by others and not just on this site either. Introduce us to some of the wedding party. Survival Instinct Dead Reckoning Onslaught. On FTWD, they decide to be politically correct for lack of a better term , and give us mixed up characters who really need to be DEAD in an apocalypse because they just have too much emotional baggage out of the gate. Travis finds the farmer's driver's license and carves the farmer's name onto the headstone. Alycia Debnam-Carey Alicia Clark. Good Lord this post was rambling, lol. Where in the World Is Gibbs? Chris Manawa : And you are.

Picking the kind of car you want to buy is essentially meaningless; sure, there are some differences, but most cars are going to get you back and forth to work without lowering yourself to the indignities of public transportation. However, the kind of car you pick in the world of Fear The Walking Dead can mean the difference between living and dying.

In order to deal with that hate, he connects to the wrong crowd and internalizes the very thing he hated most about his dad — the moment dad killed his mom. Travis sits on the bed, emotionally overcome. Every character was screwed up and making stupid decisions out of the gate. Travis urges James to alert him if his condition worsens. Premiere Dates. Contact Us. Thank you. Wiki Reps Lady Lostris. For the show to survive they need to strengthen their roster of characters. View Gallery. The quandary of a drug addict in the apocalypse. Travis insists he'll get better with time and that they can survive at the farmhouse long enough for him to recover. Sign in to edit.

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