emirates seat map airbus a380 800

Emirates seat map airbus a380 800

Aboard the Airbus A V. Catering to a select 14 passengers, this class offers an ambiance of exclusivity and sophistication.

There is an extensive menu of audio and music tracks available. More Information. There is an extensive menu of movies, television programmes and video games available. In Economy, the power ports are located between the seats. Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for more information. This aircraft features a WiFi hotspot provided by OnAir, which allows passengers to pay for internet access using their credit cards.

Emirates seat map airbus a380 800

Airreview Reviews Seatmaps Airports News. Called the Superjumbo, it is the largest airliner in the world. Emirates fly three versions of this aircraft: this is the ultra high density version, however it has the most up to date in-flight entertainment and a revamped bar in Business Class. The Emirates A seating plan has a cabin layout with economy class throughout the lower deck, in four cabins. Economy seat pitch is 32" in a layout. Due to hull curve, window seats have restricted legroom. Meals Emirates Airlines have a great reputation for inflight food, and serve complementary drinks Free beer, wine and spirits. Emirates Airlines have Online Checkin from 24 hours before the flight at Emirates. Service In economy for flights under 8 hours Dubai to London, Manchester, Europe Emirates have removed the second meal service. Only one meal is served, half way through the flight. Lounges have a complimentary bar and dining. These have all the bling of Dubai, and the substance is just as lacking - they are curiously narrow. Other airlines A cabins tend to have 3 or 4 seats across on the wide lower deck. Emirates have 4 on the more cramp A top deck. However you get plenty of toys: the cabin has doors, there is a non-alcoholic mini-bar, a small walk-up bar, and two vast lavatories with inflight showers.

I even had one person slip and fall on top of me while leaning on the back of my seat waiting for the toilet. Seat 54 F has extra legroom.

Our fleet has a fresh look, with a sleek cream and bronze interior similar to our latest Boeing aircraft. Fly in our latest generation of seats, including Premium Economy, the zero gravity First Class seat and cream leather Business Class seats. Prepare for your arrival in our A Shower Spa, using our selection of Bvlgari toiletries and signature Timeless Spa products. Just the boost you need to feel ready to take on the day. Slide the privacy doors closed and unwind in your own world. Enjoy a glass of exclusive wine or champagne, or help yourself to your personal mini-bar. Convert your seat into a fully flat bed with a mattress and drift into a restful sleep.

With Private Suites in First Class, flat bed seats in Business Class and extra room throughout all of our cabins, you can enjoy total comfort on your flight. Switch off and unwind with thousands of channels on the largest screens, delicious meals and complimentary beverages. Whether you prefer the window, aisle or middle seat, get comfy on your flight. When travelling on a Special or Saver fare in Economy Class, you can select your seat for free when online check-in opens. And if you prefer more choice, you can pay for an extra value seat just after you buy your ticket in Manage your booking. We always aim to seat families together, but we might not be able to do because of seat availability and your specific requirements. Children below 13 years old will always be seated with an accompanying adult. Accessibility information Skip to the main content.

Emirates seat map airbus a380 800

There is an extensive menu of audio and music tracks available. More Information. There is an extensive menu of movies, television programmes and video games available.

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Entertainment system was great, plane was very quiet and smooth, crew was excellent, food was so much better than other airlines serve up. Everything worked as it should from the seats. The seats were very comfortable, spacious, ample leg room and for couple travelling together were perfect. Overall very disappointed. Seat 52 C has extra legroom, however the proximity to the galley may be bothersome. Great seat, I am cms and kgs, leg room enough and very good location. Although there is a wall behind, you can still recline the seat and the proximity to the galley wasn't bothersome at all. This seat is great and would recommend it to others. Also other pax woud step on your feet to cut to stand by the corner of the lavs. I am so fed up being treated as if I don't matter. Seat map rating 4. Best first class seat. Far better to have direct window than the offset closer to the aisle as you feel more enclosed and private. All the leg room you need but set back from the bulkhead and away from people standing around the toilets. I disagree with the comments about 1A and 1K.

There is an extensive menu of audio and music tracks available.

Related pages. There certainly was more room to get past the other passengers on the same row compared to other airlines I have travelled on. The window was not really in a nice place, the seat has 2 windows but 1 window is almost at the seat in front of you, so you cannot really see through. I flew Emirates in seat 48C. This is the best Business class seat if you want privacy and a window seat behind the wing. Also the tv screen in in the arm rest so kind of a pain. Thank you. The plan is very misleading as are the comments. Seat is great due to window position and in conjunction with using the route map and on-board cameras it was my idea of heaven. No extra legroom plus noisy due to proximity to galley plus crew storage cupboards, in addition close to bassinet seats so potential baby noise. I am a male cm, 95 Kgs, athletic. There is also a shower for First Class passengers.

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