courage i belong to the zoo

Courage i belong to the zoo

His songs are resonant of intimate experiences, inhabiting subtle acoustic melodies in the same terrain as the music of Keaton Henson, William Fitzsimmons, Damien Rice, and Dallas Green. Contact I Belong to the Zoo. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account.

The song "Courage" by I Belong to the Zoo discusses unrequited love and the struggles of expressing feelings to someone who doesn't reciprocate them. The lyrics convey the narrator's deep affection for someone who may not feel the same way. They acknowledge that the other person doesn't have to love them or care for them as much, but the narrator will always be there for them whenever they're needed. The repetition of the line, "Courage where are you 'cause cupid fucked me up," illustrates the narrator's frustration and vulnerability. The reference to Cupid suggests that the narrator's emotions were influenced by love, which hasn't been kind to them. They long for courage to express their true feelings but feel incapable of doing so.

Courage i belong to the zoo


End of Beginning Djo. The Greatest Enemy


The song "Hakbang" by I Belong to the Zoo explores the themes of love, persistence, and overwhelming desire to be chosen by someone. The lyrics describe the protagonist's repeated attempts to take risks and pursue the person they love, even though it felt like a long wait. They express disbelief that the person is finally approaching them, believing that nothing will stop their heart from desiring the chance to protect and love them. The lyrics highlight the longing for a chance to be closer to their loved one, symbolizing it as taking steps or "hakbang" towards each other. This portrayal suggests that the protagonist is willing to go through anything, even shedding tears without pain, as they anticipate the opportunity to build a connection. The chorus emphasizes the protagonist's commitment to making amends and courting the other person for the rest of their lives. They express a plea for their love interest to believe in the rightness of choosing them, promising to consistently make an effort and pursue them daily. In the second verse, the lyrics convey that all fears and negativity were discarded when their loved one entered their life. The person becomes their shelter during storms, and they vow to remain loyal even in the darkest times.

Courage i belong to the zoo

The song "Game of Questions" by I Belong to the Zoo explores the pain and confusion that arises from unrequited love. The lyrics depict a narrator who is grappling with their unreciprocated feelings for someone they deeply care about. In the verses, the narrator reflects on the lives of others, wondering if they have also experienced the same emotions of love and heartache. This contemplation suggests that the narrator feels isolated in their longing for someone who doesn't feel the same way. The refrain emphasizes that despite having friends who love and support them, the narrator still feels incomplete because they cannot be with the person they desire. This highlights the unique and uncontrollable nature of love, as it often arises without consideration for the reciprocation of feelings. The chorus poses the universal question of why people often fall in love with individuals who do not share their sentiments. This question implies a shared experience of heartbreak and the subsequent emotional turmoil that ensues. The night becomes a metaphorical space where tears flow, and thoughts revolve around the complexities of love and the difficulty of letting go. In the second verse, the narrator recounts a moment of closeness with their love interest, only to be met with a final admission of apology and goodbye.

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Streaming and Download help. The debut album from Leeds-based artist Jake Whiskin is full of atmospheric Americana tinged with hard-hitting classic rock. Video playing in Aalis Ka Ba? The narrator confesses their struggle in finding the right words to convey their emotions directly. The line, "You've been up in my mind from the moment I wake 'til I sleep, every second, all the time," highlights the intensity of the narrator's thoughts and feelings about this person. Courage Spencer's indie folk sophomore album was recorded live in the studio over the course of two days. Help improve it with your feedback 0. Finally Tags acoustic indie folk Quezon City. Despite the strong connection they feel, the narrator acknowledges their own shortcomings and uncertainty about expressing their love. The Greatest Enemy They feel out of line and are afraid of ruining their relationship by confessing their feelings. Where Demons Hide by Deerborn.

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Before You I Belong to the Zoo. Where Demons Hide by Deerborn. Game of Questions Courage Contact I Belong to the Zoo. They acknowledge that the other person doesn't have to love them or care for them as much, but the narrator will always be there for them whenever they're needed. Help improve it with your feedback. Reese Lansangan Dis Fig joins the show to talk about her collab album with The Body. Aalis Ka Ba? Purchasable with gift card.

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