counter pick akali

Counter pick akali

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Counter pick akali

Akali top on Patch Below is a detailed breakdown of Akali top counters against top champions with a minimum of games. Akali wins against Akshan After normalising both champions win rates Akali wins against Akshan 6. The average opponent winrate against Akshanis Akali wins against Kled After normalising both champions win rates Akali wins against Kled 5. The average opponent winrate against Kledis Akali wins against Singed After normalising both champions win rates Akali wins against Singed 3. The average opponent winrate against Singedis Akali wins against Quinn After normalising both champions win rates Akali wins against Quinn 3. The average opponent winrate against Quinnis

Usually you can trade her easily and ruin her early game but later on she will counter pick akali able to one shot you eventually. Your Q outranges her q, just respect her after u use yours.

Let us take a look on how to beat Akali. We will look at champions who are strong against Akali and who are weak against Akali. Use win rate, gold difference and creep score difference at minute 10 to find the best Mid champion who counters Akali. You can already win in champion select with the right counters for Akali. If you want to know how to counter Akali then you need to take into account the best picks vs Akali and the worst picks vs Akali. This Akali counter data is based on matches played by Pros on patch

For a long time, Riot has struggled to balance Akali because of her mobile and damage-heavy kit. This has resulted in several meta states in which Akali has been a dominant pick, while other patches have had her at the bottom of the win-rate charts. Playing against an Akali can be hard at times, especially if she gets rolling. To help learn how to handle Akali in solo queue, here are the best ways to counter her. Even though Akali is a slippery champion that can be hard to play against, there are quite a few solid counters to deal with her. The hardest part about shutting down an Akali is dealing with her mobility and invisibility from her Twilight Shroud W.

Counter pick akali

Akali is one of the toughest champions to face in the mid lane in League of Legends. She has great waveclear, assassination potential, and a lot of mobility. Even after countless nerfs, she has stayed on top of the meta, providing a great split-push potential while also being a huge threat in teamfights. The adjustments in Patch Although she does have a lot of strengths, she has some weaknesses you should use early on to stop her from snowballing. Here are the best counter picks to beat Akali in the mid lane. Akali has a one-dimensional playstyle of getting in close proximity to land a Five Point Strike Q , before retreating out of her Assassin Mark P range to get the increased damage and range buff on her next auto attack. One of the most obnoxious things about Akali is her mobility combined with her invisibility from Twilight Shroud W. Once Akali reaches level six, she becomes a huge problem to deal with due to her Perfect Execution R ultimate, which essentially gives her access to four dashes, two via the ultimate and two via her Shuriken Flip E. This allows her to move fast around teamfights and leave no room for you to respond.

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I personally would go Comet because she can just negate your electrocute combo with her shroud or E. You can push her away if she Ult dashes towards you, but her 2nd dash can go through your wall. If she plays too safe she's baiting out your all your Q's then she will E in and fuck you. L9 Zangetsu's zed tech by L9 zangetsu Zed Player. Barrier is enough to save any all-ins she might attempt, and if I Q her under my tower during a dive, she's usually dead. Janna Support. It is important to see whether Pros counter picked Akali or whether they played as Akali. Her all-in is super scary, and you'll probably die if you don't have charm. Be careful of her electrocute burst, though. Your windwall can block both her E and her Q.

Let us take a look on how to beat Akali.

Akali wins against Ornn Akali did get nerfed in Kennen the Heart of the Tempest. You counter her e with your stun which can lead to a hook into tower or executing your combo. Ahri Mid. Camille the Steel Shadow. Usually the Rylai rush is advised to secure the kills, but in the case of Akali I prefer to start from the principle that whatever happens I will not be able to kill her, and thus rush the Liandry which gives enormous damage. El rey del mid: Viktor by javiiergrd Viktor Player. Akali wins against Shen The average opponent winrate against Varusis Nilah the Joy Unbound. Don't just W her when you walk into lane, wait to get poked with Q first.

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