compo tft 13.13

Compo tft 13.13

Our first comp is slayer zed reroll.

Welcome to our article where we cover the best TFT team comps for the current patch. Our team constantly works with top players like Frodan to analyze the meta and compile the best comps. The last patch of Set 10 is here with Patch Be sure to check out our fully updated Tier List as things may change slightly over the coming days. Click our Table of Contents to the right to jump to them.

Compo tft 13.13


This comp looks to reroll for Yasuo as the main carry, and then transitions into a 6 True Damage comp. During the early game, you compo tft 13.13 use just about any AD Headliner to hold items as you transition into this comp.


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Compo tft 13.13

Use our reference images and notes to build some of the best teams in Set 6 and check out the links to other resources for more in-depth guides that explore each of these setups. The ideal for this TFT Set 6 comp is building toward Lux as your main carry with a strong front line to support her. You can fill in other teammates with traits like Bodyguard , Enchanter , or Socialite to round out the squad. The Challenger TFT comp is a team build that relies on getting as many Challenger champions on the board to maximize their attack speed. The ideal for this TFT Support your main Challenger using champions with the Academy , Enchanter , or Socialite traits. Every other decision you make for your team should support protecting him long enough to destroy your opponent.

Lil mochi doll

This is a 1-cost reroll comp, which means save all your gold on stage 2 and hyperroll down to about 30 gold on , then slowroll on level 5 until you hit your 3-stars. Play jarvan, senna, or a rogue at level 8. All rights reserved. Riven saw a slight nerf in the recent hotfix, but the comp is still holding strong. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. You can add a flex unit at 8 like Lucian for Rapidfire, Illaoi for more frontline, etc. Try to get Katarina 3 as quickly as possible, and then catch up in levels to add units like Zedd and Qiyana. Instead of doubling up the units with Twin Terrors, the comp fills out with more Executioner units, reaching 6 at level 8. However, you can still run Edgelord Yasuo by playing toward a full Edgelord comp instead. Sett 3 and especially kled 3 are nice bonuses, but they are not necessary for the success of this comp, while darius is a waste of money. Ideally you have some way to replace him either with your Headliner or an Emblem. The ones that have all three will lean toward S, those that are pretty good but may be lacking in some areas will lean towards B. This comp looks to reroll for Yasuo as the main carry, and then transitions into a 6 True Damage comp. As other comps get nerfed, this comp gains more value. You can reroll for units like Kennen, Lillia, or Mordekaiser for the supporting cast behind Gnar.

Building your team correctly will make or break your game.

The simple goal of this comp is to use the Emo and Punk traits together to reroll for all 3 stars. This comp is an option to play if you find the Twin Terrors Augment. This comp is mainly an option if you find a Headliner Kayle in the early game and want to use her as your main carry. However, going down to 3 Jazz is a big drop off. Even with the nerfs to Punk, this comp still remains near the top of the meta. Edge of night can also be good depending on the lobby. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In Twitch or Vex will definitely be ideal for this comp as you can hit a Headliner Executioner. If you hit Edgelord Riven, you can also reach 4 8-Bit by having an Emblem. You can even drop Heartsteel 7 after your cash out to look to win the game.

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