coin slot piercing

Coin slot piercing

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I agree to the processing of my data in accordance with the conditions set out in the policy of Privacy. As body modifications change and evolve over time, piercings that started out as seeming extreme can begin to be seen as more common or even somewhat tame. Coin slots, a type of tissue removal of the ear, showed up on the internet in roughly the last decade and made a huge impact! However, not everyone can get one and the risk is far greater than with many other modifications. First of all, what is a coin slot? A coin slot is usually a narrow, vertical rectangle of tissue that the body modification artist completely removes from the ear and stiches the edges to create a permanent opening.

Coin slot piercing


In that case you can choose to add more rings or simply remove them and allow your piercing to shrink back a little.


Log in to check out faster. Are you interested in stacking your jewellery? Having something a little different with your piercing curation? Easier to heal than traditional cartilage piercings, Coin Slots and large gauge piercings offer both "wow" factor and a surprisingly easy care process. A coin slot is a thin piercing track that allows stacking of multiple rings and allows you to get highly creative with your styling. Where as a large gauge piercing punch is round and is best kept to wearing round jewellery only. Large Gauge Removal and shaping are larger wounds and require more care than a Coin Slot. During your consultation, we will discuss your options and what is most suitable for your best outcome.

Coin slot piercing

Look no further! A coin slot involves removing a small section of cartilage to create a slot-like opening for stacking multiple rings. Once the stitches are removed, you can expect an additional week of healing before you can start wearing jewelry in your coin slot. A professional body modification artist will remove the desired tissue using a scalpel.

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A: Depending on the size and location, 1 to 2 hours. After your procedure, your wounds will be covered with a surgical dressing. By weeks, you're simply hydrating the skin with Jojoba Oil once a day to help the scar settle in. As large gauge punches start at 18g 1mm and go up to 10mm, it will depend on your size preference as to the suitability of the location. Common best suited placements for Coin Slots are: Forward helix Mid ear Traditional helix Cartilage flat Conch Less suitable places: Lobes - may self stretch depending on jewellery installed. No air travel is advised for 2 weeks after the procedure. After showering, thoroughly flush ear with NeilMed wound wash by placing a towel over your shoulder and spraying both front and back of the ear. Over cleaning can be problematic to normal would healing; do not go over board. We will discuss suitability of your preferences and further detail this in-store. We will not move forward with the piercing and we can rebook for another time or simply cancel. Should your body produce more scar tissue, your Coin Slot will be narrowed further. Cleaning after this is simply 2x a day morning and night for 1 week. The incision is completely healed and swelling is pretty much completely gone. Want Your Order Faster? A: Sutures remain in place for days.

Find body piercing info, facts on piercings, featured new body jewelry styles and more! Hey there, piercing enthusiasts! Get ready to learn everything you need to know about this unique piercing, from its history and variations to the piercing process and aftercare.

Large Gauge Punch without Closure excl. Cleaning is twice a day with your aftercare package for 4 weeks rather than 12 weeks. A: Unfortunately, all 3 required appointments are not suitable for children or guests. Aftercare is included in the procedure total. First of all, what is a coin slot? On your piercing day, we will carry out a second consultation. Placement While we can place Coin Slots in multiple locations, there are limitations to location and size for the safety of your ear structure. Your Septum Questions Answered. Your cart is empty Continue shopping Have an account? Your first clean is the only time a shower is a must. Most clients do not need pain relief, however the most suitable options are Panadol and Panadeine if it is safe for you to take and only if necessary.

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