cheech and chong movies

Cheech and chong movies

R 86 min Comedy, Music.

Two stoners unknowingly smuggle a van - made entirely of marijuana - from Mexico to L. Stedenko on their trail. Border Guard : So, how long you've been in Mexico? Pedro : A week. I mean a day. Border Guard : Well, which is it?

Cheech and chong movies

When it comes to stoner comedies, Cheech and Chong are the founding fathers, but some of their movies are better than others. Considered one of the best comedic duos , Richard "Cheech'' Marin and Tommy Chong first crossed paths in Vancouver, Canada, in the late '60s. Initially pursuing music, their destiny took an unexpected turn when their on-stage banter eclipsed their musical endeavors. Transitioning to comedy, they unleashed a series of hit records in the early '70s, solidifying their iconic status. The pinnacle of their influence materialized in with Up in Smoke, a groundbreaking film that laid the groundwork for countless stoner comedies to come. Ranging from classics to forgettable misses, Cheech and Chong's impact on the stoner comedy genre is undeniable. Known for their crude and laidback humor, the duo's style revolves around portraying characters who are hilariously foolish and perpetually high. With a future Cheech and Chong biopic on the way, the duo's enduring popularity is a testament to their status as comedy icons. Despite the potential for nostalgic enjoyment, this film falls flat. Labeled one of their worst, it's a lazy and disappointing venture. The animation quality is notably poor, lacking the humor or charm expected even from a stoner comedy. While a light-hearted ride was anticipated, this movie disappoints with its consistently unappealing content. Still Smokin' finds itself at the bottom of the live-action Cheech and Chong movie pile for various reasons. In this outing, the iconic stoner duo heads to Amsterdam for a film festival after being mistaken for celebrities.

After their contentious parting in the s, [5] the duo spent years without working together.

It was in the late s when the likes of Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong had first been introduced to one another. Bonding over a love for improvisational comedy, the two unlikely stars began spearheading a brand that would lead to massive success and worldwide recognition for them both. With a focus on lampooning stoner and Latino culture in their comedy, Cheech and Chong would go on to make a splash in the underground comedy scene, releasing albums and performing stand-up for an ever-growing audience. An audience that would only expand ten-fold upon the release of their first feature film. After the release of Up In Smoke in , the duo began a film career that would span decades, writing, directing, and starring in numerous sequels of varying quality. Achieving legendary status by today, and being beloved by many for not only having memorable comedy, but for creating a cultural movement around their subject matter, Cheech and Chong's film career is easily their most notable work. With many to choose from, it's time to see which of their scripted, made-for-theaters ventures smokes the rest.

The duo met in Vancouver, British Columbia , in Chong was a Canadian citizen, and Cheech had moved there from southern California to avoid the draft at the height of the Vietnam War. City Works performed as part of a "hippie burlesque" at Shanghai Junk, a strip club owned by Chong's family. Marin briefly joined City Works as a replacement for the original straight man. As the improv group had not been a financial success at the strip club—they drew a large but low-spending crowd—the two decided to form a comedy duo and play different venues.

Cheech and chong movies

R 88 min Comedy, Crime. Disguised as ice cream vendors, Cheech and Chong make--and subsequently lose--millions of dollars selling a batch of marijuana with an unusual side effect. R 99 min Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi. Cheech and Chong live in a decrepit old house and drive their neighbour crazy with their loud music, weed smoking and general anarchy and slacker view on life. Then Chong meets Cheech's Texan cousin Red and things kick up a notch.

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Border Guard : So, how long you've been in Mexico? Screenwriter Tom McLoughlin also pitched a sequel to the slasher film Friday the 13th in which Cheech and Chong, playing camp counselors, faced off against killer Jason Voorhees , as a comedy horror movie in the vein of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. R 91 min Comedy, Music. These nine movies are ranked below from worst to best some are eventually worth watching, man - that's a promise, man. PG 82 min Comedy. Of those who did see this in the theater I couldn't get a proper read on a critical review since I could find no one who saw it in a theater that wasn't high when they went. More to explore. Hijinks ensue, including being accidentally deported to Tijuana, drug smuggling, and an epic Battle of the Bands finale in which everyone gets high thanks to a van funneling marijuana smoke into the venue. The story and thus the film follows two conjoined twins that are able to feel the other's pain and pleasure even after being physically separated. South Park Studios. Archived from the original on June 9, Columbia Pictures. You're not hallucinating Cheech Marin Pedro. This song later served as the basis for film of the same title , in which Cheech Marin played the starring role.

After all, with a lovable air and stoner sensibilities, what's not to love about these two?

Hollywood Power Couples. The attempt to branch out is admirable to some extent, though the execution still isn't particularly funny, outside the odd scene here and there when things get to an adequate level of absurdity. Image via Orion Pictures. Authority control databases. See detailed box office info on IMDbPro. He simply walked into frame, took the burrito, and walked away. Columbia Pictures. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. More like this. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong ad-libbed around this, and it was left in the movie. March 22, FAQ Up in Smoke R 86 min Comedy, Music 6. They'd go on to reunite in the s and tour the country doing sketch and musical comedy.

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