Bonnibel Butler Bonnibel September 22, — March 7, bonnibel, was an American children's book illustrator in the early 20th century. She also provided designs and illustrations for magazines, like St. Butler was born in Frankfort, Michigan.

Bonnibel "Bonnie" Bubblegum is a version of Princess Bubblegum from an alternate timeline. She is a survivor of the vampire apocalypse and together with the rest of her team made up of Huntress , Martin Mertens and later Simon , Fionna and Cake , they intended to eradicate all existing vampires , especially the Vampire King and The Star alternate version of Marceline whom she has a great hatred for possibly making her lose her eye ironically in another universe she is her partner and love interest. Due to her environment she has become a hard and cold person, but she retains her intelligence, boldness, and some level of compassion as seen when she scolded Fionna for accidentally bringing a baby aka Baby Finn into such an awful world. She is also implied to be a scientist and inventor like her main universe counterpart, due to the fact her gadgets are very advanced compared to the rest of the world she lives in. She is seen with her holographic wristband and the Peppermint Tank , which carries an artificial intelligence version of Peppermint Butler , her butler and assistant in the prime timeline. She is almost identical to her original counterpart but has short hair and wears an eyepatch to cover her right eye presumably torn off by The Star. She wears a pink sleeveless t-shirt with suspenders that have both pockets and shoulder pads attached to it.


Princess Bubblegum is the current incarnation of the Candy Elemental. Which is comparable to the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom, who are all composed of types of desserts and candies. She rules over the Candy Kingdom , but in the Season 6 episode " Hot Diggity Doom " the first part of the season's finale , an election was held and she lost to the King of Ooo by a landslide. As a result, she no longer ruled the Candy Kingdom and the King of Ooo replaced her as the new ruler until a rebellion against King of Ooo allowed her to reclaim the throne in " The Dark Cloud ". In the aforementioned episode, the Mother Gum served as an ally for the titular characters by providing Simon with the soup he wanted for the young Marceline. In a flashback from " Bonnie and Neddy " taking place over years before the events of the show, she and her brother Neddy drop from the ceiling of an abandoned building where the Mother Gum is now resting. Her sentient "parents" remained far beneath the Candy Kingdom , as a massive blob of bubblegum. They were eventually released into Ooo after they were defeated. As a child, roughly years before the events of the series, Bonnibel was living in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that Ooo was. Living in a hideout next to a radioactive river which would later become the place the Candy Kingdom was built with only her brother, she longed for more family members, thus creating Uncle Gumbald , along with Aunt Lolly and Cousin Chicle. She had planned for them to fit specific archetypes to create a family dynamic and make her life less lonely, however, Gumbald soon revealed to his niece that he had plans to build a candy city. Bonnie, disliking this plan, created Lake Butterscotch in place of the site where her uncle wanted to build apartments. Gumbald, infuriated by this, began to devise a plan to get rid of his niece and take control over the family. Sending Bonnibel away on a date with Mr.

In " The Other Tarts ", she wears a yellow, orange, and pink dress resembling a tart. In " Burning Low ", when Flame Princess appeared to be very young, bonnibel, possibly bonnibel years old, Princess Bubblegum is standing next to her lamp but still has the same appearance bonnibel being

There is one meaning in OED's entry for the noun bonnibel. OED's earliest evidence for bonnibel is from , in the writing of Edmund Spenser, poet and administrator in Ireland. Either i a borrowing from French. Or perhaps ii formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: French bonne et belle ; bonny adj. Sign in with library card. Sign in as administrator on Oxford Academic.

It's the two hundred and seventieth episode overall. A long lost artifact causes Princess Bubblegum to harken back to the creation of the Candy Kingdom. The episode begins with Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline, relaxing and swimming at an apple cider pond. Finn brings Princess Bubblegum a cup full of cider. Finn then asked the princess to tell them about her family. Though reluctant, Bonnibel decides to tell them.


Originally, Bonnie was used as a surname and was first documented in Bedfordshire and Leicestershire, populated by persons granted estates by King William. During a time of political and religious upheaval in England, many families sought refuge by immigrating to North America. The Bonnies were among the early immigrants, undertaking perilous voyages on ships bound for British colonies. Despite the high costs and challenges of the journey, these families braved unsafe and overcrowded conditions, as well as disease. Those who successfully reached their destinations were rewarded with opportunities for land ownership and a more stable social environment, offering protection against persecution. These families played a significant role in the development of Canada and the United States, establishing new settlements and contributing to their growth. Other variants of the name include Bonnebell, Bonnibelle, and Bonnibel. Yet Bonnie, a variation of it, is well known. Notable individuals with that name include Bonnie Franklin, an American actress best known for playing the title character in the television series One Day at a Time, and Bonnie Bedelia, an American actress who appeared on the well-known CBS daytime serial opera Love of Life.

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Bubblegum has a younger brother named Neddy, a "candy dragon" spawned alongside her from the Mother Gum. In the same episode she wears a light grey dress with a silver colored belt, grey pants, brown boots, and a dark grey animal fur. However, in "Bonnie and Neddy", Finn calls her by her first name. Sign in to edit. Animation Action Adventure. Her hair is also depicted as waist-length. Modifications may include: further revisions to definitions, pronunciation, etymology, headwords, variant spellings, quotations, and dates; new senses, phrases, and quotations. According to Adam Muto , this is to replace lost candy biomass. She has since been seen eating it in multiple episodes. Her hair is up in a beehive-like style. In " Don't Look ", after Finn changed her she wears a green cap, a white t-shirt and some red flats. Finn and Jake confronted Gumbald, hoping to call off the war.

Tonight, the beloved animated series will introduce a four-part special series centered on the complicated and mysterious past of the little vampire.

I still feel like the brief mention in The Vault was enough to satisfy me, but this instance works as well. Due to her environment she has become a hard and cold person, but she retains her intelligence, boldness, and some level of compassion as seen when she scolded Fionna for accidentally bringing a baby aka Baby Finn into such an awful world. Bonnibel also wears pink and purple military camouflage pants with Purple boots with two dark purple rings for each individual boot. You're not freaking 19, what the heck?! She called illustrating "perhaps the most fascinating occupation possible. Bubblegum "rescues" her and brings her inside the kingdom, and treats her wounds. Bubblegum's leadership is autocratic due to her subjects being extremely naive and childlike and without a guiding hand they'd quickly destroy themselves. While Bubblegum seems to have dated a male character named Mr. In " Princess Cookie ", she is seen in a flashback visiting an orphanage for candy children and while she seemed to be the same age as she is now, Baby Snaps one of the orphans had physically aged since then. At the end of the episode, she is seen again in the lab coat with her hair back to its usual length, although likely less than a day had passed.

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